Heart coherence – get clear, calm and gain a little fertility too.

This weekend, we’ve been expanding. Not me physically expanding (I’m in a wedding in July for Pete’s sake!), but The Pagoda Tree, my clinic here in Melbourne is growing. We’ve occupied a beautiful space for 6 years now, on the 2nd level of a quaint building in Albert Park. Feels like yesterday I thought I was making the biggest step of my life in signing on that first lease. Turns out, things keep getting bigger and better when you keep on making babies and healthy people and now, we’ve out grown our beautiful space. Consider this a warning, a certain thing happens when you ask – very often you receive. Be careful what you wish for! Late last year, I knew we were in trouble in our current space – mostly because we were tripping over one another and sooner than later, we would find ourselves hazards to ourselves! Anyway – my prayer was literally “My perfect solution is to occupy downstairs.” No more than 2 months later, the business downstairs decided to go – leaving the entire level available. So I jumped, as I do, head first into allowing things to grow. Here’s to asking.

People ask me many questions. They ask me about fertility mostly but many make the assumption that I’m a busy woman (now ain’t that the truth!!) and that I do it all on my own. Here’s a secret. I’m a mum, a wife, a sister, daughter, friend, business owner, boss, producer, writer…. there is no WAY I could do this solo. I wouldn’t even want to. I have an amazing team of people around me who fill me with blessings every single day of every single year. Recently, I’ve taken this to a new level with the expertise of my new business coach – Lara from Self Leaders INC. She’s literally turned me inside out, back to front and stretched me in ways I never knew possible. She’s taught me more about myself in the last 3 months than I’ve learn’t in my entire adult life. She’s helping me grown into something I never knew possible – oh and then there is the business – she’s taking that somewhere else dreams are made of – but it’s real. I love her. I love my team.

As part of our moving time yesterday, we took a break for a training session with my team facilitated by Lara. We got to talking about heart coherence and a quick little technique she uses to move from her head to her heart. Why would you want to do this? Well. Did you know the energy of your heart is 5 times stronger than that of your brain? 5 TIMES! When we sink into our heart energy we find a seriously amazing level of calmness and focus. The heart is the primary generator of your bodies rhythm. It influences your brain to control your nervous system, cognitive function and emotion. When you are “in your heart” you tap into higher intelligence as your body shifts. This helps you improve your focus, creativity, clarity and intuition. When you are in “heart rhythm coherence” you perform at your best – this is what athletes refer to as being in the zone. Sound woo woo? These studies are scientific. Coolest part is – eastern medicine understands the power of the heart since like forever – its influence over fertility and the control it has over the reproductive organs. When it comes to fertility – we treat hearts! Your heart propels energy around the body. Seems the Chinese have been tapping into heart coherence for centuries.

As Lara shared, my thoughts went straight to my fertility patients – everybody can benefit from such techniques especially those trying for a baby. Those who find themselves really being affected emotionally by the experience. It’s a draining course. But here is a simple technique that literally takes 1 minute that will have you back in your happy pants momentarily. Heart coherence is useful when emotions take hold – sadness, anxiety, stress – anything that shifts you or begins to consume (ie stress of infertility or sadness found in lack of success). This really is a technique you can add to bring about a shift in your mindset and step toward better emotional health and fertility. For those of you who would love to meditate but find it near on impossible – here’s a great starting point.

Here’s a snippet of audio to talk you through.

But the gist of it is:

1. Focus your attention on your heart (best done initially by holding your hand over your heart).

2. Breathe in and out as if breathing is through your heart (this is actually over an acupuncture point which opens the chest – seriously do this and literally feel the thorax expand).

3. As you are focusing on the heart and the breath – think about something that makes you feel so good from within (for me it was my family but it may be your bestie, your husband, your pets or a beautiful image of nature).

This technique is great to apply as you feel yourself really winding up inside – before the emotion takes hold and escalates.

This is just one of the many tricks Lara has in her ‘tool box’ (that’s what she calls her little bag of tricks she carries around within). I love this woman. She offers so many more insights into how to make everything run optimally – be it life, business or personal growth – bringing holistic solutions by education, empowerment and inspiration. She’s taking me somewhere special too! Maybe she could do the same with you?

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