When it’s not all about the babies & the F word (Fertility)

The ever gorgeous Sally wrote this post – thank you.
I know that some of you may be visiting Nat’s site because you saw Sarah Wilson’s IQS webinar, or you’re looking for a local acupuncturist or Chinese Medicine practitioner or maybe the Google Gods have lead you in Nat’s direction.
Here you are looking at the blog and thinking “it is a good looking site, some yummy food…” but then wait a minute.

What is this?

Oh no, no way – this isn’t the right blog or the right clinic for me. I mean, it looks nice and approachable and all – but what is all this fertility business? What? Fertility? Pre conception? Natal something, something babies?
Hold on there. Hold the horses, and back that buggy up because I’ve got a lot of world travelling, champagne drinking, shoe buying and general other stuff to be doing at the moment. I just want some acupuncture because my life is out of balance and I want to be well so I can keep on being fabulous…. so stop talking about babies.

Well, I am here to share a secret – my dear reader – you have actually stumbled upon the perfect spot to learn more about being as gorgeously healthy as you can be.
Let me explain more about why I am a client of Nat’s & Lucy’s and an avid reader of Nat’s blog. I’m not into having a baby right this very second. Due to an array of factors, that is not my story. However I am a big fan of Nat because she is a specialist and she knows her stuff so I see Nat to get excellent quality health care that compliments and enriches my well being.

The care I receive through acupuncture has become a touchstone in my life. Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact I live a crazy life – filled with stuff, work, people, stuff, love, joy, but busy. I travel for work and people know my name at hotel swimming pools. Tonight I am seeing someone I love before I head overseas for work on the weekend, the catch is the only time it works is at a date at 9.30 pm. I eat breakfast at my desk at before 7 am. Crazy nuts life right? I know many of us live like this – balancing work and play and family and commitments. In the midst of all of this the one check in I do for myself is go and have acupuncture.

For me it is something that keeps me in balance. Not only when, but especially when I am eating the wrong foods, drinking too many wines, working long hours- nothing sets me straighter than having a good TCM check up. That’s why I call it a touchstone – we all have them in our lives – things that make us feel at home and balanced. Talking to your best friend, seeing the love of your life, walking around the garden, going for a run – these settling things that are good for us. Looking after our health in such an simple way as acupuncture is one of these touchstones and it is as easy as going to a day spa. Seriously, I just lie on a lovely bed, in a serene environment and relax whilst someone else does all the work.

Now let me just touch on the F word. Fertility. As I said – at this very moment, having my own baby isn’t a reality for me. That doesn’t mean that my fertility isn’t important to me – because since seeing Nat, I have become really aware that fertility isn’t only about falling pregnant. Healthy fertility is about my body, as a woman, working at an optimum level to support my life style. I am sure many of you know this because you’ve experienced some of the following; when you are stressed or living an unbalanced life your menstrual cycles are the first to change and register stress. How often do women you know blame headaches and miserableness on hormones? Skin issues on hormones? Period pain? You see, it all comes back to women’s health. Being fertile doesn’t mean we all need to run out and get pregnant (Just because you can doesn’t mean you have to or should).

For me having a fertile body means that I have good regular pain free periods, it means that I know how my body works, I can spot any warning signs, I can maintain health and I am able enhance my health. I can read my body’s signs, and sometimes I am even sensible enough to listen to them. (that noise? oh that was just the sound of Nat hooraying!)

Just because we’re not using our bodies to have babies, it doesn’t mean we should ignore what being fertile means, what our hormones do, how our reproductive system effects our overall well being.

I am in my mid thirties. Even ten years ago, “at my age” I should be in a blind panic about babies, have I left it too late? What if circumstances change and babies become an option – will it be too late? Hysterical screams yada yada yada. I am confident that I am looking after my fertility with Nat’s help and am relieved of that stress. It’s just not something I need to worry about. Frankly, if that is one less thing for me to stress about – thank God.

So please don’t let words like fertility, babies, conception, natal something, something put you off making an appointment or reading this blog. Focus on being balanced and healthy for whatever outcome you want – a fertile mind, a fertile body, a fertile life. There are so many wonderful possibilities out there for women – we need to be healthy and strong and be fabulous as we were born to be!

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