Season 2 – Episode 65: Why You Don’t Feel Fine Even Though Your Blood Tests Says Otherwise with Nat Kringoudis

Why you don’t feel fine even though your blood tests says otherwise with Nat Kringoudis
You’ve got your blood test results and you’re relieved when your doctor tells you, they’re all fine.  But you don’t feel fine and so the mystery of your symptoms continues.  In this episode Nat talks through why this happens so frequently and some ideas as to what you can do to understand your testing better.
Nat shares;

+ Different blood tests and what they mean
+ Testing reference ranges and why they change
+ Who decides on reference ranges and why this is a big piece of the puzzle
+ How you want to be optimal within range
+ Why normal isn’t normal if you don’t feel normal 
And so much more.  Be sure to connect with Nat her socials and website and check out her clinic to help support you in your own fertility path.

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