Season 2 – Episode 34: Why fertility & miscarriage isn’t necessarily an accident with Marc Sklar

Fertility is harder to treat today than it was 20 years ago – at least in the opinion of fertility expert and TCM Doctor Marc Sklar.  But often we take on somebody else’s opinion of our health, especially as women, and take it as truth, when in actual fact – it really is somebody’s best opinion and maybe they’re wrong. In this episode we chat about how this idea is appropriate to fertility and miscarriage to help you unpack the ins and outs around our reproductive health as well as tools you can add to support your own health and fertility.

This episode discusses:

+ Why fertility is more difficult today than ever even with modern technology and medicine

+ How we hide our fertility status and miscarriage and it is a disservice to the persons experiencing loss

+ Why miscarriages happen – are they more than just a freak incident

+ How medicine relies heavily on miscarriage being an accident

+ How many variables contribute to miscarriage including autoimmune issues, blood clotting factors, thyroid and the uterine environment

+ Why 99% of fertility clinics fail to look at these variables

+ How to improve IVF/conception outcomes

+ Why Marc believes that 80% of couples go through assisted conception prematurely

+ Why addressing the ‘root cause’ is so often the missing piece of the puzzle

+ Why stress matters contrary to what you may have been told

+ How you can have some comfort and less stress after miscarriage

+ What variables you can create after miscarriage for peace of mind to proceed into your next pregnancy

+ The foundational things that matter to Marc that you can look into today


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