Season 2 – Episode 31: Queen Menopause with Ali Daddo

Ali Dado graced the covers of our favourite Dolly Magazine Editions in the 90’s and in more recent times married Cameron Daddo and became a mother of 3. And through all the ups and downs that come with families and children, Menopause for All has been the wildest ride. In this episode she shares the details of her own menopause experience and tells her story to help other women unleash the power of menopause, cross the invisible line into the second half of their lives and reclaim their best self.

Ali also shares:

+ How she felt lost and alone through peri-menopause and menopause

+ The ‘trauma’ of menopause

+ How dark periods of menopause had her left feeling scared and alone

+ What symptoms she experienced – including common symptoms of night sweats, fatigue, weight gain and more but also not so commonly, heart palpitations and taking herself to emergency to find out nothing was wrong with her heart

+ How it’s still a taboo subject and nobody is talking bout it

+ The toll it took on here relationships, marriage and family

+ How we can switch things around and start looking at menopause from a different light

+ Why we can ignore it – putting ourself at the bottom of the list is a recipe for disaster approaching menopause

Ali’s new book is called Queen Menopause and can be purchased at book stores nationally

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