One for the Girls

Thursday’s aren’t a usual blogging day for me – unless it is something insanely inspiring or life changing. Today is one of those days where both these adjectives apply. I was made aware of a project in Uganda called AFRIpads run by an amazing woman by the name of Sophia Klumpp. AFRIpads is a social organisation that manufactures and distributes re-usable menstrual hygiene kits throughout Uganda. Sophie is currently touring Australia with her message and to help promote the ‘One for the Girls’ project.

Five years ago, when Sophie visited Uganda, she learnt that girls avoided school whilst they were menstruating. This was mostly because they didn’t have access to sanitary products and would use things like banana leaves or dirty rags in attempt to absorb their bleeding – totally unhygienic and really, plain awful when you actually think about it. I found it sadder still that many of these girls didn’t actually understand what their periods were all about – they believed their bodies were sick or that something was terribly wrong with their woman parts; with nobody to turn to or seek advice, simply because they were afraid to talk about it. When Sophie did the statistics, she was blown away. These African girls were missing up to 20% of their school year impacting their ability to reach their full academic potential.

Moxie have brought Sophie to Australia to share her story and – she’s touring schools nationally to share her message and demonstrate to us here, just how lucky we are but also how we can lend a hand to fellow sisters in other countries where periods are a taboo subject. And you know how much I love talking periods. But most of all, it made me realise just how lucky I am to have the freedom of speech to actually talk the hell out of the subject, not just because I want every women to know as much as possible about her own body but because it opens up a whole new level of understanding and appreciation to loving and accepting ourselves as women.

The ‘One for the Girls’ program was not only developed to distribute to girls in need throughout Uganda (like to 6,000 girls anually), but to also activate a public affairs campaign to highlight the issues surrounding the education of young women. I got to speak with the lovely Mia from Moxie yesterday and she shared with me how she was so inspired after meeting Sophie some time ago, to create this project. You can show your support. For every pack of Moxie Sleepovers, Moxie Slenders Pads and Moxie Slenders Liners they sell, they will provide the equivalent amount of locally made ‘Menstrual hygiene kits’ to Ugandan school girls. It’s pads for pads!


AND whilst I have your attention – here is something else cool I want to show you. The ‘Fix Your Period Home Study Program’ does just as it says – FIX YOUR PERIOD! (Remember I found the period fixer a few weeks back? Well this is her baby) This home study program has just launched and until SUNDAY (the perks of being in Australia) I have a code that gives you $20 off. Use FYP20 to score! For all the details – click here.

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