My Pinky McKay interview AND your FREE access to my mini site.

Wa-ay back when (a couple of months ago but it feels like a lifetime ago!), after I released Fertilise Yourself, I was lucky enough to be interviewed by the wonderful Pinky McKay. I was tickled pink (haha boom!) for the opportunity to share with her just why the principles I reveal in the book surrounding fertile eating are applicable to all – those wanting to conceive, pregnant mothers, breastfeeding mothers and well… everybody actually! We talked about nutrition for new mums and why that’s just so vital for both their physical and emotional health – plus how you can make awesome breast milk too.

I’m a huge fan of Pinky’s. Take a listen – you might not have children yet nor be thinking about having them, but there is certainly something in this for everybody!


Healthy Mummy, Happy Baby – an interview with Nat by Pinky McKay, internationally certified lactation consultant and best selling baby care author.

(that’s the link – above. If you ‘right click’ where it says listen in , you will be able to save and download the recording.)

And ps, please remember that Fertilise Yourself is now available on the iBookstore (I know – exciting!!!) PLUS we have the mini site which has all the recipes from the book, sitting there all pretty, ready for you to make (plus some of the images are new and there are extra recipes too!!). I revealed the mini site last week and gave those of you who had purchased the book, first dibs. I’m now offering it to ALL – meaning that even if you don’t own my book, you can still access the site. Reality is – the information in the book is so cool, you’ll probably need to own a copy anyway! Happy cooking.


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