How To Get Real & Happy with Lola Berry – Episode 10

Happiness – is it something we search for and find or something that we have?  And if we can get it – how do we get more of that goodness injected into our everyday lives?  In this episode Cecelia and I talk with celebrity nutritionist, yogi and all round wonderful Lola Berry about how to get happy, eat food that keeps you happy and how to let go of what no longer serves you.  This episode will make you laugh and have you feeling better about the slip ups that we all face.  There’s truly something for everyone as Lola spills the beans on the ups, the downs and all that exists in-between.  A real open and honest conversation that make just make your day!

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In this episode you’ll learn;

1:50 – how to fix blocks – especially writers block!  Lola has just released her 9th book and I was keen to learn her tricks!

4:00 – how the food we eat makes us beautiful – food is medicine indeed but lola talks how it can tick internal boxes which show up on the outside too.  Real beautiful is “loving yourself, loving others and doing what you love.”

5:20 – If you want good skin, glowing eyes, strong healthy hair, 80% of this is driven by nutrition.

7:00 – How do we tune into our body and ask ourselves “what does it actually need?”

7:30 – Lola’s hands down number one beauty food REVEALED

9:18 – Paleo,Vegan, Vego… Lola breaks it down simply and answers the question “what should we do?”

12:20 – Our tastebuds change every 14 + days so resetting this can be the trick to saying goodbye to unhealthy sugars

13:15 – With a name like Lola Berry, Cecelia concludes that she had to be something to do with health… that’s of course provided its her real name…

17:00 – What foods can we specifically eat to make us happier – and Lola’s weakness in jumbo caramello koala’s.  She shares how quickly you can feel better when you hack your diet.

21:15 – Feeding fussy kids and how to go stealth to get the fuel in.  Lola shares her tips.

21:43 – How to be happier each day – Lola shares real and honest truths about her recent breakup and how it feel apart in front of her eyes and how unhappy she was.

23:00 – Feeling emotion is the key to happiness and how to actually do that with a few key tricks.  Lola found her biggest release in the oddest of places.

26:30 – Lola’s non negotiable’s

28:15 – Why “Kill Them With Kindness” is the best motto ever.


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