How to be the best version of yourself – Self Leadership with Lara Wilson

“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you are probably right”

Every so often I stumble across somebody with a unique alternative health or lifestyle approach that spins my wheels. Of course, in the clinic I use natural therapies to facilitate changes within the body to gain better health and maximise fertility. However, health isn’t limited to the physical and whilst chinese medicine certainly recgonises this, sometimes we need more than some acupuncture or herbal medicine to make our lives better.

A very important question I ask patients is, ‘are you happy with your job?’ or ‘are you a happy person?’ You see, if the answer is no, it’s time to find ways to change that and set the wheels in motion, stat. Why? Because it affects every inch of our being, our mind and our body and relevantly, our fertility. Chinese medicine recognises the intimate connection between the mind and reproductive organs. How many times have your spoken to somebody who fell pregnant after ‘letting go.’ It happens. But sometimes we don’t have the tools to let go or move outside the walls of life – this is not limited to fertility of course. Lara suggests that all day long we are making choices about what to do and what to think, however, a lot of the time we are not choosing consciously. The reality is, some of the time we choose our thoughts and actions whilst other times, they choose us and as a result some of our thoughts and actions lift us up whilst others bring us down. I’ve known Lara for some time now – a very clever and inspirational women who has the means to change lives. I know just how important happiness is for health and so I wanted her to share a little with you about what she is doing – lets face it, we all have areas in our lives that need a little (or a huge) overhaul – it’s a matter of allowing it to happen. Lara can show you how.

meet Lara

Lara – I’ll let you introduce yourself – exactly what do you do?
In simple terms I’m a Self-Leadership mentor. That includes my work as a business and human performance strategist, speaker, writer, workshop facilitator and self-leadership mentor. Self-Leadership is defined as: An empowered individual, who is self-aware, transformed in thinking and has the tools to create the results they want to achieve in life!

I facilitate workshops teaching Self-Leadership principles to individuals and business operators. The essence of my work centres on three core elements:
1. Expanding your mind;
2. Transforming your potential; and
3. Being the best you can be.

Tell us about your latest adventure?
I am launching a Self-Leadership presentation which I’m conducting on Sunday 22 April at the Beach Hotel, Albert Park. This is an introduction to Workshops teaching you how to lead an Empowered Life. It’s a FREE half-day presentation to experience Self-Leadership principles. Participants will gain new insights, ideas and tools to expand your mind, transform your potential and be the best you can be.

How long have you been consulting, training & mentoring individuals & business for?
My career as a consultant started in 1995 with an International Trade Exchange, in that time I worked with over 1000 SME’s. Alongside my career I passionately studied human behavior. Four years ago I launched Human Touch Consulting, a holistic model of business strategies and behavioral strategies, as I believe they go hand in hand.

What’s the most rewarding part of your ‘job’?
I call what I do, playful purpose. I love what I do. It’s extremely rewarding to witness the transformation of the people and business owners I work with. It generally begins with a desire to bring about positive change. Through being educated, inspired and enlightened the transformation unfolds and goals achieved, Successfully Embracing Life Fully. Now that is what I call rewarding!

And this FREE presentation – Who might like to skip along?
Self-Leadership is relevant to everyone whether personally or professionally. If you want to change your thoughts, alter your feelings or develop supportive beliefs in creating the life you want you will definitely benefit from the life-changing tools that are provided. Self-leadership puts you in the driver’s seat of life! Participants will be inspired to embrace the life attitude ‘I CAN do this. Anything is Possible!’

You can check out Lara’s website here for more information.



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