Five minutes with Natalie Lane, from Pilot Athletic! And a discount!

So, I’m going to let you in on a little secret about me. I love fashion. I sometimes wish I didn’t because I’d probably have more spare time. But I do. And when I first met Nat some time ago now (yes we’re both Nat’s), I couldn’t focus completely on what she was saying because my eyes continued to be distracted by her lovely vest! Turns out, the vest was from her freshly launched range Pilot Athletic.

For me, when I look good, I feel good – and that is always an extension of my health, but often I find with a fresh new pair of gym tights I can take on the treadmill in a whole new way. And of course, being healthy and fit is part of being fertile – so I wanted to take 5 minutes today to chat with Nat from Pilot.



Have you always been in fashion Nat? What is your background?
No, Pilot Athletic is my first foray into fashion. My background is actually in marketing communications and branding – I spend the best part of my career as Marketing Manager for Mercedes-Benz Australia.

How did you arrive here with Pilot Athletic?
In many ways, Pilot Athletic is the continuing expression of my life – my love of flying, luxury brands, fitness and health! I attained my restricted pilot’s licence when I was a young adult and around the same time I became heavily involved in my own personal fitness. I noticed a relationship between the thrill of challenging myself in the sky as I did on the treadmill. I wanted to create a brand that could capture the spirit of that internal push – the determination to be your best. I read a quote some 20 years ago that never left me. Written by a remarkable woman called Helen Keller, it read, ’One can never consent to creep if one feels an impulse to soar’. If you get this, if you too were born with a fire in your belly, you’ll understand the spirit that underpins this label.

There are many labels out there – YOU have captured something very special and unique. You’ve nailed it! How did that happen?
We’re a premium label in a unique position of the sportswear market. I saw a big change in the way that woman wear activewear. Our lives are so busy, we no longer have time for costume changes! We need a wardrobe that will literally take us from the treadmill to the café – or restaurant for that matter! Pilot Athletic combines premium casual styling with fitness apparel functionality to ensure you look just as stylish on the cross trainer as you do meeting friends afterwards. We take the basics and turn them into something special, with luxurious super-soft fabrics, refined garment details and designs made to lengthen and lean. The result is a range of casual athletic wear made for layering, mixing and matching – which finally bridges the gap between your work-out and play.

I hear you love to meditate. Tell me a bit about how that works for you?
Yes, I am a big fan of meditation as I have had gastrointestinal issues for some years and found meditation was the only way to navigate my way through chronic pain. In particular, I use a method of meditation called mindfulness meditation, which is becoming widely popular as an adjunct to conventional medical and psychological therapies. It basically trains us to observe our thoughts from a distance – in an impartial manner – which implies that there is a core self that is not comprised of our thoughts. Truly, there is something magic that happens for me in the silence that this creates in my mind. Even if only for a few split seconds a day!

If my readers only hear one thing you say today – what would you love that to be?
Pilot Athletic is for woman whose autobiographies will be worth reading. For woman that strive for success, reach it and keep going. Checkout our range, and make sure (if you’re a local) you pop-in and say hi at 85 Buckhurst Street South Melbourne on Wednesday afternoon or Saturday morning when we open direct to public. We love meeting like-minded women, who espouse the Pilot philosophy. Oh, and be sure to follow us on Facebook for the latest in health, fitness and nutrition – and luxe activewear!

Natalie has generously offered a 20% discount to readers of my blog! So when you shop at Pilot Athletic online, enter PAGODA in as your discount code at the checkout!

A shot of me in Pilot Athletic – cos I said I would!



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