Episode 151:  Why your Mistakes are so Important with Nick Bracks

Compulsive thinking was something Nick grew up with.  He knew he didn’t fit it, but he didn’t know how to navigate feeling different.  At some point, things spiralled out of control and Nick found himself in the midst of what he now sees as his wake up call – a very dangerous car accident with his best friend in the car.  In this episode he shares his experiences and what they have taught him to be able to live life with a different awareness.  His book, Move Your Mind not only tells his personal story and growth but shares other expert advice to help his readers adopt a healthier mindset for life.

In this episode Nick also shares;

  • His anxieties and compulsive thinking from a young and and how identifying this he feels would have made a difference earlier.
  • How we all make mistakes and the importance to learn from them.
  • What was missing from his life and what needed to happen to pull him from the depths of anxiety and depression.

Nicks Book – Move Your Mind is in all book stores and online. 

Website: www.nickbracks.com

Instagram @nickbracks


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