Episode 143: How to practice more kindness with Hugh Mackay

Throwing kindness around like confetti is actually the simplest form of human connection. Hugh Mackay discusses his latest findings and research with reference to his new book The Kindness Revolution, and shares ways in which we can be more kind and all reap the rewards.

Hugh shares a lot of gems in this episode – you’re going to learn more about;

+ How humans respond to crisis

+ How crisis instigates magic moments to create more kindness

+ Instinctive human understanding of what people fundamentally need to survive.

+ How we can turn a crisis into a revolution

+ How we have become a socially segmented society and how this can be problematic

+ Why humans may be more emotional due to social needs.

+ Anxiety, depression and loneliness – the 3 basic fundamental human issues right now.

+ How we are actually hardwired for kindness and need to to be human.

All this and much more – you can check out Hugh’s book, The Kindness Revolution in all book stores now.


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