Episode 14 – How to Quit Comparing & Get Real With Life with Bianca Dye

Straight up – Happy Women’s Health Week!  Can you think off a better guest to celebrate Women’s Health Week with!? Hella no! Bianca Dye is in the house!  This episode is a favourite of mine, we get to very openly talking about so many facets of women’s health and struggles, how Bianca has tackled things like anxiety, IVF and the pressure of comparison –  there’s absolutely something for everybody in this wonderful episode.

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In this episode you will learn;

1:30 How to begin to feel like a ‘normal’ person – learning from Bianca and the discussion around being human.

4:15 As women how we can easily get overwhelmed and how being kinder to ourselves as is an essential message for Bianca.  Check in with yourself sometimes.

5:45 What Cecelia and I do to be kinder to ourselves.

7:40 Why having other humans are essential in our lives and stop us having mini nervous break downs!

8:30 Our choices impact our life and they are our choices.

9:25 How life on the outside looks completely different from what is going on, on the inside and ‘busyness’ isn’t something to be glorified.

13:22 Why we don’t need to actually share everything on social media.

14:02 How Bianca can feel the pressure from social media and recognises she is a smart women but sometimes it’s easy to look at others and feel inadequate.

15:50 How to navigate the unattainable image.

16:12 Bianca discusses her IVF situation and endometriosis and fertility challenges.

18:27 Bianca shares – if she really wants to be a mum, she will make it happen.  We talk about the stress of IVF not just physically but financial and emotionally.

20:02 Why sharing and being willing to talk about stress life IVF is so important for Bianca.

21:02 How Bianca doesn’t think she’s being ‘brave’ doing IVF, a mum battling cancer is brave and putting things into perspective is important for her.

22:58 Women have been sending her messages to thank her for publicly talking about IVF – how her openness is supporting and helping others and how sharing is not only helping her but others too.

24:50 We’ve gotten to a point where we may be too proud to ask for help and the pressure of looking like we are ok when we may not be.

25:50 It’s not weak to be open and say “I’m having a bad day.”

27:35 “You can’t pre-empt fear because it’s won before you start.”

28:45 Anxiety is a symptom, not necessarily the ‘problem.’

29:05 Movement and a healthy lifestyle for Bianca helps her tackle her anxiety.  When she doesn’t nourish herself, her anxiety is particularly bad.

31:00 How working out her triggers assists her in coping with anxiety and dealing with it is key for her.

32:05 “I’m an athlete at procrastinating,” it might even be making a phone call that she doesn’t want to make and how that makes her feel.

33:06 Cecelia and I caught up with Bianca 12 months later and asked her a few questions

33:25 We asked her if she had learnt to be kinder to herself – she shares her obsession of post it notes around the house as a way of assisting.

34:30 The value of saying no is a big fat yes to Bianca and her mental health.

34:50 If social media is still a key part of her life.  She shares about her social media detox and where that left her and her comparison-itis.

37:30 How we feel the pressure to let people know what’s going on in our lives, but maybe they don’t really care.

38:02 Why we love that Bianca is an over-sharer.

What an episode!  We absolutely loved chatting with Bianca.  Find her on Instagram, her Anxiety Free account or connect with her on Facebook.  We would love to know your thoughts and talk about some of these sensitive topics that Bianca has so openly and willingly shared.  Do you agree that we need to share more?  Tell us what you think in the comment section below.


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