Ep 35 TWC – What is middle age anyway? with Jo Stanley

Yes it’s inevitable, we’re all ageing each and every day. After Jo was told she ‘looked great for her age,’ it left her wondering.. what exactly was she supposed to look like and who wrote the style guide that set the rules as to what this was exactly? In this hilarious episode Cecelia and Nat chat with Jo about ageing, busting through stereotypes and how to simply be the woman you were born to be.

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In this episode you will learn;

1:15 Nat & Cecelia read out some reviews from happy listeners.

3:43 Cecelia dives into the conversation about an article she read, written by Jo that prompted today’s podcast discussion on being judged by your age.

4:30 Jo chats about her experience that led to writing the article in which she had just finished MC’ing a charity gig and a guy walking up to her to abruptly tell her ‘you don’t look like you’re 45.

6:00 Jo talks about how this comment went on to enrage her and that she thinks such a comment insinuates that you are meant to look a certain way when you are 45 and that yes, she puts in a lot of effort for these occasions to look younger, dress in a way that is more appealing but that underneath all that she very much feels she ‘looks 45’.

8:08 Cecelia & Jo talk about how hard we are on ourselves and how we see changes in ourselves and examine ourselves endlessly.

8:19 The ladies chat facial hair on women, the why’s, the how’s, the funnies.

11.54 Jo chats about when she wrote the article, that it was interesting in the polarizing response she received.

12:38 Jo talking about how she never wants to be pigeon-holed into having to look a certain way and that no one should be, followed by Cecelia chatting about getting to a certain age, which for her was 40 in which you get to a point of acceptance in saying ‘this is me’ and if I want to dress like that, that’s how I’m going to dress and go with what feels right.

13:26 Jo talks about how conflicted we are in that it is almost impossible to separate yourself from the messages of the world, that defines beauty as youth.

15:50 Jo talks about embracing our imperfections, and also how it’s amazing how the younger generations of today seem to embrace wearing what they want as all different shapes and sizes.

19:00 The ladies chat about the deeper awareness and appreciation we develop of our bodies as we get older and Jo touches on the different energies within us and how when we get older the spiritual, emotional and mental energies become more important and in turn feeds our physical energy in a different way.

24:12 Cecelia talks about a recent experience at her Physio by where she was referred to as ‘middle aged’ and how that made her feel.

27:58 The conversation leads into the topic of Menopause and how there seems to be this very loud, line in the sand that society sees around this time in a woman’s life and how it’s still this lingering thing that no one really knows about or talks about.

32:12 Jo talks about how these days, from what she has observed and heard from other women around her age, that women are just not being listened to, particularly around reproductive and hormonal health or whatever it is about being a woman and that GP’s are offering little options to help with what they are experiencing.

35:02 Cecelia chats about an experience with her 6 year old daughter and having to go into an explanation about periods and how not fun and awkward that conversation can be.

36:58 Jo talks about how she has never made comment around her daughter about the way she looks, weight wise etc, as she is really aware that when she grew up, her Mum always talked about her body and what she saw as imperfections and that it then instilled this notion that there was a certain perfection that you should aim to attain. Jo goes on to talk about more positive language that we can use with our children when referring to our bodies.

38:00 The ladies wrap up the conversation on awareness being key focussing on our true selves, working with what’s happening and what is just part of us. Understanding that the shell that is our body and however we choose to present it, is an expression of us but not us.


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