Ep 22 – Getting Real and Honest in Life with Nat & Cecelia

Enough of the fluff, Cecelia and I jump headfirst into discussing how social media and what’s going on, on our screens, is seemingly messing with our perception of the real world. Rather than complain about it to each other, we decided to talk openly and honestly about the challenges we face with the façade.




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In today’s episode you’ll learn;

00:50 – Why Cecelia and I decided to talk about keeping it real.

03:00 – We make assumptions about other people’s life because we only see the successes and wins. What is this doing to us?

05:00 – We talk about someone we both think is incredible at keeping it real!

07:40 – Cecelia found some interesting information about Social Media and the effects on our health.

10:30 –  Do we need more “real” pictures and information on Social Media?

14:20 – We seem to have created a world where everyone is to justify the choices they have made. Should we give into this?

16:15 – How do we deal with the stress and pressure we put on ourselves and others put on us?

17:40 – How a simple shift in perspective and owning up to your actions can make a big difference.

18:10 – Keeping it real – I drop the ball too! I talk about what I have learned from this.

20:00 – Why it’s so important to remember that nobody has it all going on all of the time.

22:25 – We talk about some Social Media statistics and dangers.

25:20 – Cecelia and I discuss positive vs negative Social Media platforms and experiences.

28:05 – What can we do in those times we feel overwhelmed and anxious?

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