Ep 12 – Do Supplements Just Make Expensive Urine with Dr Corey Schuler

I use supplements in the clinic each and every day,  but Cecelia was keen to discuss this topic with somebody who really knew because it’s a little difficult to really know sometimes.

Dr Corey Schüler is a ‘generalist’ and knows a little about a lot.  He knows supplements inside out, works in the supplement industry for over a decade.  Corey has more credentials than I can fit on this page (ok, jokes but there are a LOT, he’s impressive) and is a wealth of information.  This episode digs into the facts – do supplements really work?



3:50 – Cecelia asks the question, do supplements really work or are we just creating expensive and nutrient rich pee?  Corey shares his thoughts, in which he somewhat agreed and discussed efficacy.

4:44 – But to suggest that all supplements are a waste of time and money is like saying all medications are horribly dangerous and should be avoided…. the reality is there is context.

7:26 – It’s all about the dosage.  I share a patient story where one supplement changed a woman’s life who had severe anxiety.

9:07 – How as a child both Cecelia and I were both sickly children and the varied approach that was taken with regards to treatment.

9:45 – Corey spills the beans – why we do or do not need supplements and where they may work best.

11:35 – Tailor made medicine.  Treating the root cause – why what we do day to day counts most and looking at why our body’s aren’t working well for long term solutions.

12:41 – Can we get enough nutrition from food?  Corey’s answer surprised me!

13:45 – SIBO.  Corey shares “you can’t eat yourself out of SIBO.”

15:30 – PCOS.  How you CAN eat your way out of it….

17:00 – Cecelia shares her Doctors advice as to how to live healthy, simply.

19:00 – Corey spills the best diet for PCOS and/or fertility but the challenges that come with it.

20:10 – How to choose quality supplements.

23:55 – We asked Corey what his favourite supplement was.  I guarantee it’s not what you think!

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