My Debunking Stress LIVE Event in pictures.

Fun and audience


All gorgeous photography thanks to the wonderfully talented CJ Photography.


We had such a blast at Debunking Stress LIVE – I needed to let you in a little on the action – after all YOU will be able to download this as your VERY OWN ecourse and get your own dose of Debunking Stress.  Here’s some of the evidence to prove we had an absolute ball!

Debunking Stress came about after my last e-course Debunking PCOS.  One of the key principles I outlined in overcoming PCOS is managing stress.  Stress pushes our hormones into a crazy state of wrong-town and it’s coming at us like a steam train fueled on supercharged coal.  We need to act fast and so, I listened to what was being asked by YOU.  You wanted tangible tools to manage stress and so this event quickly sprung to life.

As attendees filed in, they were greated by the groovy DJ Nath doing his thing.

The Debunking Stress kicked off with a short video clip (soon to make its way to the Debunking Stress website for your viewing pleasure).

After I nutted out stress – what it is and why we are experiencing it at a rate faster than a NASA rocket to the moon, I had everybody on their feet for a group massage (and later on a group dance off!) whilst listening once again to the funky beats of DJ Nath.  Did you know dancing is an instant stress reliever as is listening to groovy tunes.  Who knew?


Then came our delightful panel – Jane Allsop, Andrew Daddo and Bianca Dye.  We laughed A LOT (mostly thanks to Bianca’s leather pants making spectacular sounds as they rubbed against the leather couch)  and chatted through life stress, events that had triggered stress personally  and what our ‘go to’ de-stressors were.  I then went into explaining specific tools and techniques to de-stress your life – on both a physical and an emotional level.  The crowd left (so I’m told) feeling blissed out and ready to take stress and wrestle with it until it was no more.  We all need a bit of that!


We had an array of de-stressing delights on offer and the goodie bags thanks to our supporters were phenomenal. Nothing worse than a goodie bag full of irrelevant flyers!  This little (or should I say big) bag of treats was de-stress appropriate and worth $1200!

Thanks to my ever amazing team, we were able to put on an event I’m very proud of!  Without these people supporting me there is just no way something of this magnitude could ever happen.  Thanks team, I love you and I owe you big time.

Panel chat


I can’t WAIT for this e-course to become available to you in the coming weeks.  You can head to the website to be one of the first to receive it – PRE-SALE is live!  Early October it will come knocking on your inbox door ready for you to join in on the action!

Did you attend the event?  Share your thoughts and what you loved most about it in the comment section below.

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