Debunking Contraception – the LIVE event.


Over the past 3 or so years, I’ve toured Australia several times with our Debunking Events.  First there was Debunking Ovulation, then came Debunking PCOS followed by Debunking Stress.  When the thyroid epidemic hit, we heard your cries for help and so we created Debunking your Thyroid.  I said that was it, we were done.  Well, it seems you should never say never.  Over time it’s become increasingly obvious to me that we needed to address the epic topic of Contraception.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  In an attempt to help you get answers, I’m so excited to reveal to you our upcoming event, Debunking Contraception.

Let’s face it.  Fear is not fun.  We’ve feared getting pregnant for so long, we’ve been pushed into using contraceptions that come with a body bag full of issues, yet, because we’re still living from this same place of fear, we’re not doing much about it.  It’s time to remove the fear from the topic of contraception. To open a dialogue, informing and empowering YOU to make the best decision for you!

Are you confused about the best options around your contraception?  

I hear you.

This event is for you and not to be missed!  In under 3 weeks, this event will be on your doorstep if you live in Melbourne!  Don’t live in Melbourne?  Don’t worry, the dates for the national tour will be announced shortly AND like all Debunking events, this will become an e-course too!

Eventbrite - Debunking Contraception
Debunking Contraception will help you understand the various contraceptions available and their long term influence on your body as well as help you make the informed choice you’ve been searching for.

Saturday 26th Nov. 10am-12:30pm.

We will talk specifically;

+ Fully understanding contraception – how it works.

+ Your options and choices.

+ We’ll dig into what you can do should you be on synthetic contraception to secure better health.

+  Various natural alternatives which provide viable options long term
PLUS for the first time ever I will be giving away a free 30 minute Initial Consultation for each attendee to see one of the amazing practitioners at my clinic, The Pagoda Tree.  I know that each situation is unique and want everyone to have a very clear next step in the support they require.  This is one way I can help you further.

SO go on, gather your gal pals and let’s get this party started because THIS is going to be epic and I don’t want you to miss out!

Early Bird tickets are now on sale until THIS Friday 11th November – so get your tickets today as Early Bird availability is limited.  Grab your bestie and make it a morning to be remembered.

Eventbrite - Debunking Contraception

* Please note this event will be filmed. Although the majority of filming will be close up on Nat as the speaker, there will be a Q & A discussion at the end. Your participation in this and any questions you may have will likely be that of many and be very helpful for others, however if you wish not to be on camera please keep this in mind as we cannot guarantee you won’t be featured.

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