PP Episode #153 – Change Leadership in Maternal Healthcare with Amber Price

With a shocking number of women learning about childbirth from reality television, it’s more important than ever to educate them on their rights as a patient and the childbirth options available to them. Practicing nurse-midwife, Dr. Amber Price, discusses these topics and more!

Dr Amber Price Period Party Podcast

Dr. Amber Price is a practicing nurse-midwife, a hospital administrator, and an expert on the patient experience for women of childbearing age. She is passionate about Respectful Maternity Care and Change Leadership in maternal health. Dr. Price currently serves as Chief Operating Officer of a Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Nashville, where she works to improve outcomes for women and children and to increase access to respectful woman-centered care for all patients.

In this episode, we talk about the negative impact of restricting women’s choice of birth location, how Dr. Price became involved with midwifery and developed her passion for RMC, how a lack of RMC can contribute to post-partum health issues, what women can do to drive positive change in maternity care, patients’ rights while under a hospital’s care, and so much more!

Mentioned in this episode:
  • Why it’s important to use the term respectful maternity care (RMC)
  • The negative impact of births being moved into the hospital system in recent history
  • What does a normal birth look like?
  • How Dr. Price’s childhood experiences led to midwifery and her passion for RMC
  • The importance of infrastructures and regulations that support women’s freedom to choose their birth location
  • Why restricting birth to the hospital system can contribute to issues like post-partum depression
  • The need to prepare women for the fourth trimester
  • How improving technology has pushed women into the background during pregnancy
  • What women can do to drive change in maternity care
  • Patient’s rights while under a hospital’s care
  • The benefit of having patients, doctors, and nurses whose values are in alignment
  • How to use the BRAIN acronym
  • What can patients do to protect themselves against obstetric violence?
  • Why patient-centered care is critical to successful outcomes

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