Because I love your guts – what the people are saying about the 5 day cleanse

Wondering what all this cleanse fuss is about? You’re probably not the only one. In fact – some may argue you don’t need to cleanse at all and that your body does a sweet job of cleaning itself out every day. Let me tell you why that is no longer the case. Once upon a time, when our environments were pure, our food was clean (and we didn’t mess around with it) and we lived life with ease, our bodies totally coped. Now days, there are so many influences that clog up the system – it backs up our guts like a blocked sewage pipes and spills into places it should never be found. Sometimes, our bodies just need a break. Over indulged at Christmas? This is for you. What’s more, our health as parents will undoubtably shape the health of our children and if we are having trouble conceiving, it may be your bodies way of talking to you – your health starts from your gut. So if you are embarking on the conception journey – there’s no time like now to set yourself up, give it your best shot and make an awesome little human.

Many questions fly around when I run my online group cleanses. So I thought, rather than take my word for it – you might like to hear what some others have had to say about these programs. After all, you don’t need to convince me how darn good it is! Hopefully what you are about to read will be enough to have you jump onboard. Not planning on cleansing? That’s ok! You will probably know somebody you might like to share this with that would benefit though.

Take the time to read down the page for some other Q & A’s regarding the cleanse.

“Love, love, love it! So achieveable because its only 5 days… But the best thing is, you want to keep eating the same healthy food, so it motivates you to go for longer. Great food/meal ideas and loved having the regular emails to keep you on track. Thanks Nat X”

 “I loved it. Thank you so much for all the info and support throughout the week. Feeling great and four days later still haven’t touched sugar! Just the kick start into summer that I needed x”

 “I loved it too. Pretty easy and straightforward, loved your daily emails and suggestions on food ideas. First couple of days were a bit hard going with headaches behind my eyes, but by the 3rd day I was bouncing around the place – by the last day I felt 100% better especially in the guts. Was definitely ready for some eggs on the 6th day though! It has alerted me more to making sure the balance between acid and alkaline producing foods I eat are more balanced. I raved about it to my Mum and she’s doing the one next week now! Thanks for a great program!”

If you’ve showed interest and you’ve got the registration email from me, I want to explain a few things.

In the past, I’ve had some people comment (pre-cleanse) they were disappointed in the cost. Co-ordiating a cleanse like this is a mammoth effort, so much so, there have been times I have considered not offering it. For me, it takes up hours upon hours to conduct. It’s also a supported and facilitated cleanse in the sense that I interact with you daily, I’m available to answer any questions you have via email at anytime. Many other programs would charge hundreds of dollars for something half as good.

You might be wondering who will benefit?
Everybody will benefit. Young and old.

And what is to be expected?
Here’s a few things that spring to mind:

  • Improved energy
  • Clear skin
  • No brain fog
  • Better sleep
  • Improved digestion
  • Less/Nil bloating
  • Consistent bowels
  • Possible weight loss
  • Improved Fertility
  • Less inflammation which causes aches and pains (including period pain)
  • Overall wellbeing

And here are a few other Q & A’s.

Is this suitable if I’m trying to conceive?
This isn’t just suitable it is key especially if there is a history of taking the pill. The body can only put out what it has the ability to. This means if things aren’t working well in any area, attention must be given. But more so, the gut forms well over half of your health. What’s more, the bowel and the uterus receive the same nerve innervation – each affects the next. Getting gut happy is a must.

Will it be expensive to buy the food?
I wouldn’t expect it to cost you any more than your normal groceries – after all, we all need to eat! Switching to easily digested foods is why it works.

Why can’t I eat meat?
I allow a little fish on the cleanse, but the best way to cleanse your gut is to eat foods that are simple to break down and don’t require too much energy to do so. Remember, the purpose of this cleanse is to literally dredge out the gut (this is what the shake does) like a good chimney sweap and at the same time eat clean foods that aren’t going to undo all the good work! Adding a pro-biotic to this is key for restoration. Meat would be too tiring on the gut.

Why no coffee?
It’s not just coffee – isn’t anything that is toxic, that will slow the body down (think highly processed, refined and nutritionally lacking). We want everything to work optimally. Such foods will only get in the way, slow the process down and in many instances reverse the hard work!

I hope this answers some questions. If you’re yet to register – you may do so by emailing us – with “I want to cleanse” in the subject heading. I’ll be in touch!




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