Bathe your feet for fertility!

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Somebody asked me about food baths during the week – and it got me asking myself why I had never written about it here. Seems, for a split second, I’ve fallen prey to looking past ‘simple’ – like so many of us can be forgiven for doing. In a world where every second person is having fertility troubles, it can be difficult to bring it back to basics.

A foot-bath sounds really simple. You’re probably wondering how in the heck will it improve fertility. Well, the meridians (think of them like little roads that link everything inside you – from one organ to the next working their way right around the body) that we use to treat the reproductive organs all run to the feet. So by placing your feet in a warm, relaxing bath you not only melt away stress, but you assist in increasing blood flow to the uterus and ovaries, which in turn improves fertility as your body works more efficiently.

Add this to your routine a few times a week for best results in combination with your natural fertility treatments. It’s like a little extension in your treatment towards a more fertile self.

PS – try adding some lavender flowers, and oats (mix together in a piece of a stocking, tie the ends together and just drop it in the bath!) The oats will become all milky and seep through, and the lavender is perfect for relaxation!


  • August 1, 2012 By Lisa Cartier 2:02 am

    Nice – I never thought of using a foot soak for fertility – makes perfect sense!

  • February 18, 2014 By Mara 2:18 pm

    Thank you for introducing me to this I would definitely try today ! (: I would have never thought of it THANK GOD FOR PINTEREST !

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