5 things at the core of your PCOS.

The question on around 5 million women’s lips (or so it’s estimated) – Why do I find myself not only with my very own ‘brand name’ aka Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) but with a loot of symptoms that follow me around like really bad body odour?  PCOS symptoms can be nasty but what’s worse, stubborn and for the 20% or so of women battling with it each and everyday, it can be nothing short of relentless.

So why is it that so many people are battling PCOS?  That, we can now easily answer.  What’s not so easy are solutions, although I’ve got a bag of tricks up my sleeve and you’re going to LOVE getting a grasp on your hormones.  The reason you may find yourself in the depths of unruly hormones really comes down to your genes.  As life has it, our genes basically dictate our very own unique constitution.  Whilst this may seem frustrating, I’m here to say it’s not all bad news.  In fact just because your genes say so doesn’t mean that you are destined to a life of facial hair and missing periods because that just won’t do.  What matters most are the external and internal influences that are triggering your genes like an annoying sibling that needs to be dealt with.  The study of epigenetics tells us that they are acting out to the world around them.  This may therefore mean that, even though you are genetically predisposed to PCOS, you can begin to switch up the very factors that are turning on this response in your body.  The trick is working out what these may be.

If you’re unsure of the symptoms of PCOS, here’s the most common;

Missing periods

Delayed periods

Abdominal pain

Unwanted hair growth, especially on the face

Hair loss on the head


Weight gain


For most, at the very core of your PCOS are 5 factors.  Excess testosterone, insulin resistance, gut health, liver function and your emotional health.

At least we have somewhere to start.

Seriously, such symptoms don’t sound like any fun at all, I get that much. With all those ‘bonus’ cysts on your ovaries I’m sure you expect better (lf only it gave us luscious locks and luminous skin!)  It’s important to note that the extra ‘cysts’ sitting on your precious ovaries are not actually cysts at all, but rather many follicles. The very same type that are released each month at the time of ovulation.  It’s not that they are foreign or weird, it’s that there is way too many of them making your hormones do wild and crazy things.

What makes things more complicated is that we now know that there are various ‘types’ of PCOS.  Perhaps you are that woman who doesn’t fit the classic symptoms of PCOS.  You can read (and listen) to more of that in our previous podcast with Dr Fiona McCulloch where we dig into these in a more detail.  Point is, no matter what type of PCOS you’re presenting with there are some simple things you can do to really make inroads.

But if you do nothing, nothing changes.

We can’t sit around hoping that tomorrow will be better or that your prince is going to come along and kiss you in your sleep and wash away your PCOS.  Wouldn’t that be great if this was the case, but reality is, we can only do this for ourselves. Lucky for you, there are simple fixes and I want you to know I’m here to help!  And given any chance to help you take charge of your hormones, you need to know this;  I’ve got SO many ways to support and help you, I’m like a hormone fixing lunatic. Maybe like the hormone fixing version of Einstein (but with better hair).

Jokes aside, there are many facets to your imbalanced hormones, be it due to PCOS, endometriosis, infertility, horrible menopause and so many more issues.  I always say to my patients, I want them to do the LEAST amount possible that will give them the most profound change.  I want to make it easy and I want you to love your body and your life again.

For the rest of this month, you can get 30% off my Debunking PCOS ecourse which goes through my 5 simple steps to making really great inroads into your health to manage and overcome PCOS.  This ‘course’ is more like a class – 2 hours of information at your ready, all from the comfort of your couch.  Not only this, but when you sign up, you also gain access to an amazing community of women battling the same issues you are with your PCOS and hormone imbalance each and every day.

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Hallelujah, finally we have some really easy steps in place for you to take back the control of your health and your life.  I’m so very excited to support you and show you how.

I want to know more about you though.  I want to understand your own PCOS path so far and where you are at, how you feel and look and how we can support you more.  Please do leave a comment in the comments section below, not only may I be able to help you further but 20% of women will love you for asking the same question they have on their mind.  We are all in this together. Women collectively help solve each others issues so lets do this!

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