Ep 10 – How To Bring Your A Game In Life with Stephie Prem

When life hands you lemons… you squash them and that’s what today’s guest, Winter Olympian Steph Prem is here to share with us – how she’s showing up and crushing it in life.  Turning her own tragedy through a horrific snowboarding accident, Stephie is the ultimate champion.  From rehab to reformer pilates instruction and all round fitness queen, Stephie came to see her accident as an opportunity to not only create the life she knew she was born to live, but to inspire and help others to do the same.  She shares of her own strike in bad luck and her falls and wins along the way.  You certainly don’t need to be into sport to appreciate this episode.


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3:00 – Stephie shares about how she was able to marry her passion and competitive nature with her career – like a match made in heaven.

4:57 – The ‘accident’ Stephie explains what happened in detail.

8:19 – Mental recovery was worse than the physical recovery – 5 years on, Stephie was able to see a light.

10:15 – How trauma is relative and we’ve all experienced it, we talk about how we can use this pressure to take us in a new and more positive direction.

12:12 – Steph had an awakening when she couldn’t get through the day without pain medication or go to bed without a sleeping pill at which point she thought to herself “this can’t be the way, I’m 24 years old.”

13:25 – Commentating the winter Olympics that she was set to compete in and the feelings that came with that watching her fellow Olympians whilst she sat on the sideline.

15:39 – How big is the mental game?  We ask her thoughts on what percentage is mindset in life.

21:35 – Stephie was told she wasn’t going to find it easy to have children.  As a 24 year old, we wanted to understand if she actually cared about her fertility at that time.

25:16 – For me, I never really got ‘clucky’ until the possibility of not being able to have more children came to be.  We discussed this in detail around infertility and challenges.

27:00 – The pressure to do it all and have it all and the comparison and pressure we put on ourselves to succeed is insane.  Where do we find time to care for ourselves?

28:25 – How Stephie created a unique space for health and her motivation to do that.

31:15 – Steph’s ‘handbrake’ and how she pulls up and nurtures herself when she has taken on too much (you’ll love her answer – I know I do!)


Catch Stephie on your TV as she hosts the winter Olympics currently on your screen!

Connect with Stephie on Instagram (follow our song of the day!) or check out her premium health space, Studio PP.

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