How to fix your gut – from the experts.
Recently, I attended the most amazing conference full of incredible information, good times, amazing people and seriously delicious food.  I could have enjoyed myself a whole lot more though if it wasn’t for one thing.  Put down your fork if you’re eating, this could be a little TMI.  I didn’t move my darn bowels for the entire time – nothing, nada, zilch.  Not my idea of a good time.  I blamed the food.
Turns out, it wasn’t the foods fault, it was my GUT.  I got to talking with Dr Tom O’Bryan (he was at the summit and you can soon hear him on The Period Party too) and asked him what the heck was wrong with me?  I have a great diet, I eat a little bit of gluten, not much and my bowels are generally great.  I consider my gut to be ok.  But I realised, that if I remove that little bit of gluten, I simply don’t go to the bathroom.  Turns out – my gut isn’t as happy as I thought.  This is a sure sign, the gut microbiome is screaming for some TLC. HELP!

If you’re like me OR perhaps you have other gut related issues (insert the entire human species) you must check this out.  It’s a little funny actually because Dr Tom is just one of over 30 experts from all over the globe in the “Supercharge Your Gut Summit.”  When, I joined I joined Lee Holmes, Andrea Alf as one of the experts talking about gut health and hormones in the summit I actually didn’t realise the line up of incredible experts – and as you can see, there’s still so much to learn in the area of gut health – I’m still finding new information – much of it from these very people! The summit kicked off on October 12th. But you can still join and enjoy 6 FREE and incredibly valuable interviews each day until Sunday 16th of October.

So here’s the run down.  You can listen (online, delivered to you on mobile, on your laptop or desk)  to this amazing summit you will learn;
● The 30+ expert’s top tips on how to Supercharge Your Gut
● How the brain and the gut connect
● The importance of a healthy microbiome
● How your diet, intestinal health and gut bacteria can help you burn fat
● How Ayurveda can help you with a happy and healthy gut
● The gut and the immune system connection
● Advanced strategies for building a healthy gut flora
● What kinds of food and herbals to introduce for a healthy gut
● All about different diets and discover what works for you
You can click here to register and to find out more, check out the speakers and take a snoop of what’s on offer. It’s an amazing way to get up-to-date information how to heal and maintain the health of your gut.  See you there!

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