Work In Progress – My Eco Friendly Bedroom

I began my quest for happier and healthier hormones years ago – mostly inspired by patients knocking down my door wanting answers.  I overhauled almost every corner of being and began encouraging others to do the same, starting by eliminating nasty chemicals in my cleaning products, I ditched plastics where possible, I switched my favourite shampoo for a more hormone loving version (which thankfully I now love!) and my skin care and makeup is for the most part all natural too.  It’s fair to say, I was doing a pretty good job at keeping my hormones loving me right.  If you’re new to this caper, chemicals found in conventional body products, household cleaning items, food containers and our makeup are all known endocrine disruptors.  In other words – these things are having their way with your health.

But I knew there was still more work to be done and so when we moved house early this year, I decided to do my best towards making my bedroom more eco friendly and I began switching out various items that were also adding to this endocrine disrupting chemical pile.  Turns out, chemicals are literally everywhere and whilst some of you have messaged me to remind me that everything is made of chemicals, I’m talking about those that are synthetic and toxic, not those found readily in nature; after all nature has it all figured out.

It’s said that the average woman, by the time she leaves the house each morning has already been exposed to 500 chemicals via all of these channels.  I decided it was time to begin working, room by room to create a more eco-friendly home.  My bedroom was the first point of call and I’m pretty excited to share with you, this work in progress.

Now, let it be said, switching out, researching and looking into eco, environmentally friendly and sustainable products is darn hard work and I’m not 100% there yet.  But I’m on it.  I’m aware and I am making better choices when it comes to the sheets on my bed or the cupboard that my clothes lay in.  It’s not so much a matter of an overhaul, but a piece by piece change over all with my integrity in tact.  I hope I can inspire you too.  So here goes;

Local Artist-2


Koala Mattress:

I was SO excited when this arrived on my door step.  We (Daddy K and I) decided to invest in a king bed when we moved house.  Invest being the right word because most nights at least three of the four Kringoudis’ spend the majority of the night in it.  I first found Koala on Instagram and I was instantly drawn to their simplicity – order this all online and a box literally turns up on your doors step.  That’s right – a mattress in a box!  Check out their video’s online of how you ‘install’ them.  What I love most, this Aussie product is made for our climate here in Australia from polyurethane foam (no latex or memory foam).  In my research, there have been many advances in polyurethane to ensure they are safe for our health and the environment.  What’s more, with every mattress purchased, a Koala is rescued, saved or cared for.  Talk about ticking all of the boxes!

I’ve a CODE for you!  Koala have given me the code NAT150 to be used at checkout to save yourself $150 of your next mattress.  

Many of you have asked if I truly do love my mattress – not only does it get my huge tick, Daddy K approves too.


Bhumi Organic:

It only makes sense to begin to look at where our bedding is sourced from each and every night.  For sure, you can buy some pretty cheap (and cute) sheets and covers out there but often the materials have been treated with harsh and nasty chemicals especially for those made off shore as part of Australia’s strict quarantine laws to allow them into our beautiful country. The gorgeous people at Bhumi Organic understand the negative effects of conventional cotton farming for both us as consumers and for the planet.  It makes perfect sense to ensure that your bedding loves you as much as you love it!


Restored Furniture:

Sustainable furniture is an investment – but let me show you how much so. My bedside table (aka antique potty cupboard) was a 16th Birthday gift from my parentals.  Sounds weird?  Mum used to gift us furniture that she knew we would appreciate when we got older.  This has been right by my bedside for over 20 years.  Good thinking mamma!  Not only is this good for the planet – chemicals found in paints and furniture aren’t any different in how they have their way with us, to those found in our washing detergent (think new homes too! eep!), it makes sense to think about where you are getting your furniture from.  Under my window you’ll see another sustainable piece of furniture purchased also about 20 years ago.  Pretty good investments I think you’d agree!


Art by my friend and local artist, Melissa LaBozzetta:

I believe art needs to tell a story for the owner/lover.  When I was searching for art for my walls (you can see this piece still hasn’t been hung yet!), I remember trailing through Instagram accounts, night after night.  Nothing was jumping out at me.  And then I found this.  It’s called Marshmallows.  I adore it and can’t imagine it not being above my bed.  Adding items to personalise your room, especially those that support local business is a win for me.  My bedroom is my happy place – I don’t get to spend as much time in it as I’d like to, but I still admire it each time I walk by!



Breathing in clean air, especially in a newly painted home is very, very important to me.  I have plants in every single room, not only because they look gorgeous but also for the relaxing and purifying benefits.  Want my favourite nursery in Melbourne?  Of course you do.  Head to my friends at Garden of Eden.  It’s an inner city sanctuary!


Salt Lamp:

Something else I also have in every single room to help cleanse and purify the air are salt lamps.  That said, I’m not sure how eco friendly these are anymore since I hear that Himalayan Salt isn’t sustainable.  So I’m not suggesting that you run out and buy one (maybe find a recycled one!?), but they do look darn gorgeous.  I won’t be buying any more, but I’m pretty glad I have the ones that I do.  I highly recommend these especially for those with children with allergies, frequent colds and coughs and to help relax little ones (and big ones) to sleep.  Maybe this is one of those items you need to put your feelers out about.



First thing in the morning.. see how sleepy I am?  It’s all in a good nights rest. 😉

Organic Crew:

If I’m going to go all out, I’m going to go all the way – which is why I’ve also updated my sleep wear and lounge wear.  Organic Crew are as committed to providing organic, sustainable and ethical clothing as much as I am to women’s health.  They get it.  And if the only kind thing you do for yourself this year is this – get yourself one of these Parisian nightshirts, do it. OMG. Stunningly organic cotton to sleep in, is like a powder puff from heaven!  Oh and I have the jumper, the sweats and the undies too!  Because our most intimate parts should we cared for with organics only (that’s a non negotiable).


I know we can’t overhaul our homes or our undies draw in an instant and I certainly don’t want you to feel pressured to do so, but each time you replace something, think about the long haul, the planet and your special commitment to your once in a life time body.  Not everything in my room is quite there yet.  But I’m committed to making small adjustments as I go.  Now, I just need to work out how I can get my hands on a Jardan side table – gorgeous and sustainable, but I need a little time to save.  Baby steps I say!




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  • May 10, 2017 By Briony Kean 9:02 am

    Hi Nat! are you willing to share the brand of your (now beloved) shampoo and conditioner?? I’m really struggling to find something I love, after letting go of Evo, it’s a sad time 🙁

    • May 24, 2017 By Nat Kringoudis 3:06 pm

      OOHH yes indeed, I like a few. MooGoo is good, La Bang Body and Organica Hair have one that I love too!

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