Why you should never listen to anyone but your inner voice

In high school, one of my teachers told me I would never make it as a musician.  I was floored but I believed them.  Not too long after, I was told by another teacher that I had very average writing skills and if I wanted to get a decent grade, I had some swift learning to do.  Difference was, I loved the words I wrote – in fact I believed I, (in my own head at least) was a great writer.  I ignored that teacher because I wholeheartedly believed otherwise.  Imagine today if I hadn’t have followed my gut feeling and inner voice how different things would be – in either of these situations.  There would be no blog, no books, no healthtalks, no me as I know me right now.

You see, as a teen, I had dreams of becoming a musician.  I played the piano for well over 10 years. I worked my way through exams and eisteddfods. I fought most nights with my mum because I hadn’t practiced enough and used to get up early every single morning to do at least 30 minutes on the piano before school.  Bashing on that piano at 7:00am every morning was only satisfying because I knew I could wake the family up with a big fright.  It made sense for me to learn the piano – I came from a line of musicians. It made for a good foundation in terms of reading music, but I didn’t really love it.  So in year 11, when I had the opportunity to complete two year 12 subjects, naturally music was an obvious choice.  However, honing in to my ‘gut feeling’, I decided to switch my preference from piano to voice mostly because it came so naturally and easy to me – and I enjoyed it so much more.  It was at that time my teacher firmly suggested I “save yourself the embarrassment of applying for a place studying tertiary level music – you’re just not good enough.”  Damn it, I wholeheartedly believed her!  I went on to get a perfect score for my music exams – 100/100!  I admit, I did believe her, BUT I’m one determine little cookie and I know her negative words drove me that much harder.  I didn’t apply to music college – most likely not because of what she had told me, just because it wasn’t for me.

Looking back now, I realise that listening to my teacher was a huge gift for two reasons. Firstly, following my gut feeling was always going to lead me to my truth and that this was all part of learning.  Secondly, never to listen to what anybody else would tell me about myself that was negative.

Nobody knows you better than you know yourself.  Nobody else can hear your inner voice.  I encourage you to learn to trust your intuition.

It’s a powerful realisation to know that our thoughts and attitude toward how we live our life is totally up to us as individuals – in every single situation.  You know where I’m going – I’m extending this to fertility and hormone health.  You see, at the point of diagnosis of infertility or hormone trouble, the way I see it, we have one of two choices.  We can view it as negative or positive.  Creating negative association can be dangerous – knowing that what we focus on in our thoughts is what we choose to see – and so if we extend this to health, if we don’t ever look for evidence of wellness, we may never find it.  Equally, if we choose to focus on the wellness, we will continue to find more and more evidence of it and we gain momentum.  Go on – just think about it.  Know somebody who’s forever complaining about being ‘sick and tired?’  Chances are they are always sick and always tired because what they choose to see is what they are creating.  It’s a practice and it takes time and brain training but absolutely anybody has the ability and the choice.

If I’m stretching your brain – well, good!  I encourage you to dive a little deeper, do a little more inner work or take some time to find somebody to help you further.  This is the core of health.  And of course as you’ve heard, life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.  The kind of stuff I’m talking about isn’t necessarily ‘comfortable’, but the difference is that it feels right within.  So many decisions I’ve had to make in my life have scared me to my bones, but bottom line was they simply felt right.

I encourage you to have faith and discover liberty with wellness.  My intention for you all is to take the fear out of fertility and I truly believe we’re making waves!


  • November 29, 2013 By Nada 5:43 pm

    I love the sentence ‘Nobody can hear your inner voice’ it’s so obvious (and SO TRUE!) but I never thought of it like that. Thank you, I feel empowered and uplifted! Happy Weekend to you!


  • November 30, 2013 By Saarah 12:02 am

    One of the best pieces of advice I heard was in a movie a friend lent to me. A little boy asked a wedding photographer, ‘How do I become a photographer?’ Her answer was, ‘Take lots of photos’. I’ve learnt that life is like that. If you feel something is for you then just keep at it despite any difficulties or setbacks, and you will reach you goal. There’s always going to be resistance and someone to tell us we can’t do it and that doesn’t matter. Furthermore, fertility and great health are natural human states and therefore they’re within the grasp of all of us no matter where we’re at now. As long as we listen to ourselves, we will be guided towards the right path. These are things we can all achieve and because they require daily attention, they’re things we should never give up on.

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