Why I clean my face with oil

Recently I was invited to visit Follow Nature (go and check them out. AH-MAZING) and was introduced to the concept of cleansing with oil. Not being one to shy away from a new idea (and let’s face it – after pouring boiling water over my face as a child and suffering substantial burns – my skin can be very tricky) and up for any chance to improve my skin, it resonated with me. Laura explained to me that oil cleansing is getting right back to basics, and that oil dissolves oil and therefore helps to break up excess sebum. It isn’t drying or harsh most surprisingly. I’m now onto my second bottle of their oil cleanser and I must say I absolutely love it. Oddly, it doesn’t leave me oily.

One of my best friends is a beauty therapist – at times she’d likened my skin to “one big pore” and really – she isn’t fibbing. Something else has oddly happened – my pores are really clean. Any blockages have weirdly unplugged themselves and I’m hoping for some banging results to one certain problem area on my face. Here’s to hoping – and let me tell you – I’m hopeful!

But have you ever thought about what you are actually putting on your skin? I mean – would you eat it? Because really, if I can’t serve it up – it probably shouldn’t be going on my face or body. After all our skin is our largest organ and Chinese medicine certainly recognises it’s role in protecting the body – not only our organs, muscles, tissues and bones and all the other stuff in-between, but regulating our resistance and to a degree our immunity. Blocking the skin and slathering ourselves with a concoction that isn’t too friendly can’t really put us ahead of the ‘healthy’ marathon otherwise knows as living. It’s something to consider right?

So here I was, laying back having all kinds of mouth-watering raw ingredients gently massaged over my face. And if I think carefully so many of us make lifestyle changes toward better health in the obvious areas – we change our shower gel, our cleaning products, we filter our water, we even switch to organic food BUT do we really think about the nasty chemicals in our skin care and make-up? I mean really, it should be good enough to eat – it’s having the same effect as any other nasty toxin. Time to make the switch? Get oily I say – it is hands down the best switch I’ve made all year.

Some other oily ideas…

Coconut oil
Coconut oil is an amazing all round elixir. It has so many uses – sunscreen (it has a natural SPF of 4 – which brings me to making sure you’re getting your daily dose of sunshine right? Just 15 minutes every other day will be enough to boost up your Vitamin levels – oh but remember it must be unprotected exposure – so if you need to start gently, be careful). It’s a great moisturiser, it is anti microbial meaning you can use it topically for conditions as well as orally. It also helps you loose weight as I mention in my new book – eat fat be thin! Check out Indah’s coconut butter range.

Sesame oil
This is what I use to cleanse. It’s a blend from Follow Nature. Seriously get some. I use this to moisturise.

Fish oil
All my patients are advised to be taking fish oil. This is not one to be rubbed on the bod! I suggest it’s taken every morning – it’s an all round winner! It makes your skin amazing, treats stretch marks and discolouration, it balances your mood, makes you smart – oh and prepares your body for labour! If you’re not taking it – I must ask why!?

When we switch our mindset to using products that are good for us inside and out – we’re moving toward a healthier, more fertile you. Get oily and get healthy!

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