When surgery is a good option.

Natural fertility techniques combined with Chinese Medicine work very well. Depending on the severity of a condition these are a great alternative to surgery. My professional aim is to do the very best I can, with all techniques available to ensure fertile success for my patients. I look for what works! However, there have been cases where I have seen a couple for a planned period of time and if we are not seeing the desired result, surgery has been something I have encouraged my patients to consider. Advanced endometriosis and obstructions in the pelvic cavity can be tough to treat – and whilst we can successfully treat this, sometimes time isn’t always on our side when it comes to fertility. On top of this time pressure, we are often irrationally made concerned by well meaning friends and family that things should be all made better – yesterday. Again, I stress that it is extremely useful to take the time to prepare your body for being in the best place to fall pregnant. This preparation is just as vital as the falling pregnant itself! If you are well prepared and consider fertility not just about actually getting pregnant – you may avoid potential hiccups that might arise along the fertility journey, which only add further stress to the situation and we know that stress adversely effects fertility…oh what a vicious cycle!

In the past, I would shy away from surgery. From a Chinese Medicine perspective, surgery has the potential to lead to a host of complications, however when combining modern medicine with eastern treatments, I soon learnt that we can lessen the chance of complications arising and indeed achieve great outcomes. Let me be clear not all patients require surgery. In fact, most don’t but I want to share as much information as I can about fertility facts.

There may be several reasons why your fertility specialist will refer for surgery. Sometimes, when there is no explaination for failed attempts at conception, it is a good idea to explore why this is happening. The only sure way is a laparoscopy. A laparoscopy is surgery preformed by Gynecologist under a general anasethetic. Using small incisions, a camera is inserted to take a look around the pelvic cavity. if necessary a laser or electrocautery can then remove any abnormalities that may be apparent. They will also use dye to check that the fallopian tubes are clear. If the endometrosis is extensive, the procedure is further complicated – however if it can be successfully removed it will immediately open up great opportunity for fertility and pregnancy. This is where Chinese Medicine kicks in. By supporting the body post procedure, we can further enhance fertility, help to support the body and maintain the new level of health in the uterus and surrounding organs. Best of all Chinese Medicine works very well to prevent endometriosis from growing back. This combination proves to be a winner for many women finding it difficult to fall pregnant with endometroisis. But wait – I have more good news. Endometriosis is most often better post pregnancy – meaning your chances of conception increase also.

Of course there are many instances where we can treat endometriosis without the need for surgery – using a combination of herbal medicine and acupuncture with great success. This will always depends on several factors including the history of the patient, the extent of the endometriosis and the type of endometriosis. Any disruption within the uterus compromises it’s ability to function to it’s maximum ability – and working together with skilled professionals means we can deliver greater chance of healthy conception and babies – and that’s the aim of the game!

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