What Makes Food Super with Chef Sam Gowing. Episode 6

Is kale really that super?  Or do you not really care and the topic is so 2015 you can’t deal with it any longer?
Does the discussion of ‘superfoods’ slip you into more than a food coma?

Episode 6 of The Wellness Collective podcast to the rescue! Our oh-so-clever guest and long-time dearest friend, Sam Gowing has done the hard work for us (she has her masters in gastronomic tourism – you’ll need to listen to learn what that is) and has given us the low-down on foods and their superpowers and the what’s-what of what’s best.  

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In this episode you will learn;

4:75 – How do we determine what makes food super?

6:00 – What are macro-nutrients?

7:25 – In Sam’s research, she reveals what is on the top of the superfoods list – it most likely isn’t what you think!

8:20- Sam lists those highest on the list

9:10 – Why coconut water isn’t super

10:00 – Why all food is amazing to Nat and why foods from a TCM perspective how this changes also

11:10 – Food combinations and food synergy – how to get the most out of your foods by what you mix and match together.  (the sum of the greater parts of the combinations)

12:10 – The smashed avocado revolution – is it all that?

13:03 – Maca.  Is it good?  Is it super?   Why your thyroid may need it.

13:50 – Sam gives us the low down on tea and why we might need more of it in our life.

14:44 – She shares her number one powerhouse food she thinks we need, and how this one thing can boost the mineral content of every dish.

15:30 – Cecelia shares of her seaweed experience

17:00 – Sam’s top food synergies

Press play to enjoy and make your plate that much sweeter and get your food to be your medicine!


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