Wellness Women Wednesday: Eli Censor

What a dynamo this woman is!  I’m delighted to introduce to you today Eli Censor.  I’ve actually known Eli for years – and watching this woman thrive has been such a delight.  As the owner of some very prominent Melbourne businesses, I’m keen to throw us straight in today to get to learn more about what makes this woman so freaking ace.  Let’s do it!

What does fertility mean to you?

I believe fertility is the gift life gives to us as humans to reproduce. As a young adult you assume you will be able to reproduce, as you age you realise there are sometimes difficulties and barriers and you appreciate the gift more. You realise how important being healthy and good to yourself was/is and it’s wonderful people like Nat exist, spreading this message and making women more educated at the youngest age possible.

What is one ritual or practice that you do that connects you back to yourself as a woman?

Spending time with good girlfriends. It is a must to keeping your sanity, a having a good laugh and vent about all the things we as female are thrown daily is vital. The connection you can have with your female friends is irreplaceable and it’s very important for me to schedule regular catch ups.

If you could tell your teen self one piece of advice about health/fertility/hormones, what would it be?

I would of told myself to love myself unconditionally and to deal with emotional issues rather than to resort to comfort eating which lead to weight gain then unhealthy weight loss and consequent abnormal thyroid/hormonal issues. This is all now corrected and in my past but as a teenager I was totally unaware of the long term effects of yo yo dieting and the harm it would cause me externally and internally in the years to come.

Would you change something you did in previous years with regard to fertility and health?  If so what might that be?

I was on the contraceptive pill for 12 years, taking it daily like a robot. I had no idea what it was doing to my body. Since coming off it I am a different person, my moods and overall persona have changed. Along with meditations being off the pill has made me more level headed, consistent in my moods and a better person to be around.

What ignites you?

Through my occupation helping people realise their full potential. It’s so rewarding to assist someone with unleashing themselves and living the best life possible which all starts with how you feel about yourself.

What’s your one essential health item?

Food. Food is medicine and I think it’s what almost entirely keeps us healthy.

Favourite food?

I love nuts, all types of nuts and seeds.

Favourite movie or book?

I still love the Sound of Music.

Cheesy addiction?

I love Kelly Slater and have since I was 12 when he was in Baywatch. He is my hall pass.

Morning or Evening routine?

I practice Transcendental Meditation first thing in the morning and before dinner early evening. It keeps me balanced, relaxed and happy. This time has become so important to my day like brushing my teeth and the benefits that filter into your everyday life are unmatchable.


Eli owns 3 x KX Pilates studios but her new baby is Nutrition Bar. Her vision was to open a destination for health conscious people to come and be able to grab and go nutritious food. They sell very colorful smoothies and acai bowls blended with super foods, fresh gourmet salads and clean treats and snacks. They hope to pop these stores up around Melbourne to make simple clean nutritious eating accessible for everyone.

Connect with Eli:

Websites: www.nutritionbar.com.au www.kxpilates.com.au

Facebook: thenutritionbarrichmond

Insta: @thenutritionbar

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