Wellness Woman Wednesday: Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

How this picture makes my ovaries POP!  Meet Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, writer, broadcaster, mum, multi-tasker and business extraordinaire!  After more than a decade covering breaking news and current affairs for ABC radio around the country, her ‘traditional’ career took an unexpected turn after the birth of her first daughter. When Amy found herself lost, overwhelmed and diagnosed with a thyroid condition, she decided to use her years of research skills to find out everything she could about looking after herself as a new Mum.  Did I mention she has a tribe of babies now?  This woman is a powerhouse.  I can’t wait for you to know more about here.  Let’s do this!



What does fertility mean to you?

Even though I’m a mother of three, fertility means so much more to me than my body’s beautiful ability to create my children. Fertility is a body that is in balance, empowered and able to flow with the cycles of life. It is the wisdom of a women’s body. It is our goddess power, whether we use it to become a mother or give birth to our most beautiful self.

What is one ritual or practice that you do that connects you back to yourself as a woman?

In the middle of a really challenging time in my life last year, I was guided towards Sally Kempton’s Shakti Meditations. Shakti is the goddess energy within us all, and when I first started making my way through her audio book and the accompanying meditations, I felt like I finally discovered my true power. Sally’s way with words, her descriptions of the various goddesses that are all available to us, even the sound of her voice helps me feel more connected to myself and my innate power as a woman. (When you hear her speak, you’ll know what I mean!) It’s now a regular part of my routine.

If you could tell your teen self one piece of advice about health/fertility/hormones, what would it be?

“Your body is beautiful just the way it is, and what it is trying to tell you is to slow down, be gentle and believe in yourself.”

I think I spent the majority of my teenage years (and twenties actually!) trying to be someone else and look like someone else. Trying to be accepted. I was moody, unhappy and constantly trying to silence my own voice. If I could go back to that girl and just give her the most amazing hug, I would then look her in the eye and say “it gets easier.”

Would you change something you did in previous years with regard to fertility and health?  If so what might that be?

My major health issues came after my children were born, not before. I developed severe Hashimoto’s Disease after the birth of my first baby, and have been trying to find ways to repair and rebalance my thyroid ever since. In hindsight, is there anything I would go back and change? Trying not to be all to everyone and silencing my own voice perhaps. But then, I wouldn’t be where I am today if that was the case. And I wouldn’t be so passionate about helping new Mamas be gentle on themselves and to find a way to still feel passionate about who they are now they are a Mum.

What ignites you?

My children! My spunky husband. And self-care. I still get a serious rush when I meditate, do yoga, write, clear my chakras, breathe deeply, take care of myself. I’m addicted! And I feel so blessed to then pass on everything I’m learning to other Mamas who need to reconnect with their own self-care.

What’s your one essential health item?

Honestly? A health coach! As someone who is easily overwhelmed and bamboozled on what my body really needs, I have found having a health coach to be the single best thing I’ve ever done for my body. It helps that my sister is a trained health coach and is always getting text messages from me checking what I should be doing! Under her guidance, I’ve embraced coconut oil, probiotics, fermented foods, and I’ve even started making bone broth – HUGE for this 20 year vegetarian!


Favourite food?

Haloumi. It’s as simple as that. I’m a total sucker for it (and my health coach sister knows that will never change!)

Favourite movie or book?

Favourite books = The Power of One by Bryce Courtney changed my life as a teenager, and Buddhism for Mothers by Sarah Napthali changed my life when I became a Mama.

Favourite movie = Gone With The Wind. My first daughter is named after Scarlett O’Hara!

Cheesy addiction?

I was one of the hundreds of thousands of Australians who bawled like a baby when Patrick died in Offspring! And I do love myself a good box set DVD collection. I’ve had one for each time I’ve breastfed… Sex and the City first time, Gilmore Girls second, and this time its Gossip Girl.

Morning or Evening routine?

My mornings can be pretty frantic trying to get three little ones organized! But I’m really mindful of finding ways to fit in some self-care amongst the chaos. This is how I described my morning ritual to my readers recently:

* I start the day with a little ‘thank you’ for the morning smiles and cuddles I receive from my little ones.

* I immediately begin my morning with a hot water and lemon. And I really savour it. Only then do I have a coffee, followed by my smoothie.

* I splash my face with warm water as soon as I can, and pop some coconut oil on. My girls think it’s hilarious that Mummy puts ‘cooking stuff’ on her face, but by the time I jump in the shower, I’ve had a mini facial.

* I play peek-a-boo with the baby. And I soak up his giggles.

* I dry skin brush before my shower.

* I focus on positive affirmations for the day while in the shower, and let the water wash over my body and wash away any tension or pains.

* After my shower, I do some simple yoga stretches in my bathroom.

* I consciously choose clothes that make me feel happy, and colours that invigorate me.

* I sing with my girls while they get dressed. I talk to them, watch their faces, and make sure I’m really ‘in the moment’ with them.

* I take huge, deep breathes and raise my face to the sun when I step out the front door.

Now six years later, and two more babies, Amy now runs the successful website for new Mums seekactlove.com – a site which inspires Mamas to put their health, dreams and self-care first while raising their families. Her first e-book was released earlier this year, ‘Happy Mama: A Spiritual Survival Guide to the Early Years of Motherhood‘. Amy also has a regular column in Nature and Health Magazine, is a regular contributor to Wellbeing Magazine and various parenting magazines, and appears on ABC radio around the country discussing parenting and wellbeing.

Website: seekactlove.com

Facebook: seekactlove

Instagram: seekactlove

Twitter: @amytaylorkabbaz


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  • May 14, 2014 By Jade 6:17 pm

    Her words really touched base with me and she is constantly reminding me to slow down and focus. A truly remarkable and inspiring woman. I have a real crush hahaha. We women need to build and support each other. Amy is really a warrior mumma!

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