The truth of unexplained infertility

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At least one in six couples who visit me in the clinic do so because they have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility. The thing is I very rarely see a couple to whom I can’t explain why they aren’t falling pregnant under their current circumstances. Western fertility industries often only delve into the reproductive organs – where they may or may not find problems. What about the rest of the body? We know is that the body is a whole unit. Reproductive organs don’t function on their own. By looking directly and only at what most people would think is the ’cause’ we are very often looking at the ‘symptom’.

Let’s take the condition of endometriosis as an example. A large number of my patients come to me, having previously being been cleared of this condition. However, when I send them off off to have a second laparascopy preformed because all their symptoms ring alarm bells to me – very often the second reports indeed confirm endometriosis. Bingo! Simply because somebody asked them to look carefully in the right place. Now I’m not a surgeon but I know how to consider the entire body. The signals that I look for when it comes to endometriosis are not just about reproductive signs – this is the key difference in my practice. I look at the bowels, digestion – even the emotional state of the patient as well as other evident signs. Most specialists will agree that heavy bleeding and pain are key signs of endometriosis – but what about very light periods and constipation? These too can be reason to consider investigation. Of course, fertility issues aren’t limited to endometriosis. Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome again can only stretch the fertility potential so far before it snaps. These women are often told they will find it very hard to have children and they most likely require medication to make them ovulate. How is that fixing the problem? You see, even if medication is given to these women to help them ovulate – it is, again, only looking at the reproductive organs and not the body as a whole. In addition – commonly these very same fertility medications result in disasterous outcomes if the body isn’t supported through the process. This is why we routinely add treatments to support the entire body when we see patients on fertility medications to encourage holistic support for positive outcomes.

Maybe you’ve been diagnosed with unexplained infertility and maybe you’re not even the problem! I very often see couples at their wit’s end – with the female having undergone every test and trial, only to discover that the male’s sperm is extremely poor. No wonder the infertility for the woman is ‘unexplained’ – because there isn’t anything wrong with her. They’ve been looking in the wrong place. Improving male semen, even if by 10% will vastly improve a couple’s chance of conceiving. This is because that each ejaculation contains thousands of potential semen. So many couples have been told by their specialist the semen is ok. When they say ‘ok’ they are referring to quality acceptable for IVF. Perception of “acceptable” varies. What I believe to be quality semen is at a whole other end of the spectrum but gives me great results.

Please believe me when I tell you I have had many people say to me – ‘my friend tried acupuncture for fertility’ or ‘the naturopath couldn’t help my fertility, they tried everything.’ In some instances, natural therapies may not provide a solution, however seeing a practitioner who has a specialist understanding in fertility is essential for fertility issues. Being at the forefront of fertility expertise has taken me a lot of work, research and practice. Whilst I don’t claim to have every answer, I know that in the fertility industry, I work extremely hard to be provide the best practice – in both natural and modern medicine forms. I believe this makes a huge difference in the results we see in the clinic – we can try new ideas that work well with other fertility treatments to ensure the quickest results are achieved.

So what’s my point? I want you to understand that there is always and answer.

I believe, unexplained fertility is a label (just like irritable bowel or anxiety) it’s not a specific diagnosis but a name given to a host of symptoms. Thing is, there is always a reason – it’s a matter of finding somebody to search hard enough to get to the bottom of it. I’m committed to explaining and finding a solution.

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