Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

You might have heard the term, heck, you might have been diagnosed with it and your still confused about what it actually means.  The condition Hypothalamic Amenorrhea is fast becoming a major health issue for women near and far.  Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA) is a result of the hypothalamus shutting shop on your hormones.  For whatever reason, it decides it isn’t going to tell the pituitary the right message for ovulation to occur meaning you don’t ripen and release a follicle each month for ovulation and therefore you don’t get a period either (because let’s remember that a period will always follow ovulation. Always!) So if you are having a regular period, it can be almost guaranteed you’re ovulating, it’s just a matter of when that might be in your cycle.

The Debunking Ovulation Trailer! (PLUS a cheeky giveaway – score a download worth $47)

This weekend I had the pleasure to visit the beautiful city of Perth!  Oh my, two words.  In LOVE!  I had never been and I honestly I didn’t want to leave!  The women of Perth totally immersed themselves into the time we had together.  It seems, I could have spoken to them all day and they would have kept listening.

My inbox indicates that some of you have missed the live events in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and now Perth which is why I created the Debunking Ovulation Download that was released last week.

In case you’re not sure of what all the fuss is about OR perhaps you’re just not sure if it is for you – here’s my promo clip.  When I say this information is valuable for ALL woman, I truly mean it.  We not only cover ovulation, we talk about contraception, conception, natural fertility methods, poly cysitic ovarian syndrome, cervical cancer and abnormal pap smears, gut health and SO much more.

I invite you today to do 2 quick things.

1.  Watch the clip.  It will take you all of 3 minutes and most likely you’ll learn something you didn’t know.
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From the bottom of my heart – I know you’ll change somebodies life just from helping me spread this message!

To head directly to the Debunking Ovulation page, click here.

This coming weekend I’m off to share the word with Tasmania.  Perhaps you know somebody there that may like to join me?  Not to be a nag – there’s still tickets available and so again – send them here and change their lives too.

One last thing.  My co-ordinator and I had plenty of time to chat on the long-ish flight over (which actually went really quickly!) and we want you to stay tuned.  My team and I have something exciting we will be revealing in the next few weeks about next years tour dates!  We’ll be covering something entirely new and equally as important – changing the way women see their health and taking the fear factor out of fertility because of course, fertility isn’t just about the babies!

The winners will be announced this Friday 8th of November – you’ve got 4 days to get your place in the draw!


What women must know to protect their daughters from breast cancer

Guest Post – by Dr. Sherrill Sellman, MD (excerpt from Dr. Sellman’s newly released book)

You’ve met Sherrill before – we’ve chatted many times about breast cancer, hormone health, weight loss, emotional problems, menopause myths and everything in between.  Today I’m sharing with you an exerpt from her book – What women must know to protect their daughters from breast cancer.  Take a read – it’s well worth your time and will save if not your daughters life, those close by to you as you are blown away with what Sherrill shares.  And if you want to purchase her book, the link is below for you to do so.  


Donielle – my fertility sister from the US.

Meet my friend Donielle. She’s all the way from the US and is world renowned for her site – Naturally Knocked Up (which has just changed its name to Natural Fertility and Wellness – but I love the ‘knocked up’ part so I kept it in!). Just like me, she helps make babies! Donielle entertains thousands with her website and she’s an avid fertility fixer. She’s my sister from another mister so it seems!

Today we chat about all things fertility, about PCOS, hormone imbalances and what we think is the key to reproductive health. You can catch Donielle via her site or via Facebook & Twitter. I’m excited to collaborate more with her in the future – but for today, sit back and take a listen to our chat!


healthtalks : IUDs – what they are and why you need to know more about them.

On healthtalks today, we’re discussing IUDs. You know – I could talk all day about gynaecological health (oh, you didn’t notice?), I’m so passionate about sharing around this information to help women (especially young women) make informed decisions. You won’t want to miss this one – every woman needs to know more when it comes to her own health.

Share this one around, spark up some conversation in the comment window below and tell me what you think about IUD’s. Chances are your experience will help others!

And if you want to know more about the IUD – you might like to read this story – the diary of a mirena sufferer and my copper IUD post.