The holistic nutritionalist – Cinzia from Nutrition Darling!

Last week I shared a post ‘do you solve or patch up?‘ which encouraged you to take charge of your own health – because really, you know exactly how your body feels and how it best responds to everyday stress and various treatments. I’ve asked several health professionals and advocates to be part of a series of posts, to share their take on supporting themselves and what works best for them and their clients.

Meet Cinzia from Nutrition Darling – a holistic nutritionalist. She knows a thing or two about food and its amazing healing properties, what works and why. Be encouraged by her understanding of food – how food is not simply fuel, but medicine for the body. What we eat makes us who we are. Nutrition is key part of our reproductive health – by filling our bodies with the right ingredients, we can expect it to work in tip top condition – fertility and all.

Holistic nutrition v regular nutrition – what’s the difference?
What we eat is of utmost importance for optimum health but so are other factors such as why and how we eat, how we handle stress, our emotional state and whether we are exercising. Looking at a client holistically means I leave no stone unturned – which enables me to get the true picture of the individual. I believe regular nutrition focused too much on numbers and RDI’s of nutrients that it can take away some of the joys of eating which will subsequently effect the balance and may not get the results needed.

At what point did you realise you needed to make necessary changes toward your health, rather than rely on others telling you what was wrong/how you feel?
I would say that happened early in my adulthood where I felt that my GP was not connecting or really understanding my health issues. This prompted me to do my own investigations. I believe that ultimately you are the best at knowing when you are out of balance – its just a matter of being mindful and being aware of the changes. As a practitioner I would prefer to provide the ‘tools’ to recognising your body’s warning signs and then teaching the client how to take control. In the end, it is the most long lasting solution and the best way to empower yourself.

How long have you been practicing ‘great health?’
It all started in the mid 80’s when I discovered yoga and meditation. I was in Sydney and worked in a vegetarian restaurant and my boss at the time would pay employees to come in an hour early to meditation before their shift – it was awesome, just a way to learn to focus. I then developed a passion for good health because it worked so well! I felt better, clearer and fitter when I looked after what I was eating. I started reading up on different approaches like Ann Wigmore’s raw food ( now a raw food guru) and nutritional values in everyday food. This all culminated in me returning to university and doing a degree in Nutritional medicine.

What treatments do you combine – what works for you?
I eat extremely well and am mindful in my holistic approach so if something comes up with my health I know that I need to attack it from a different angle so really my first port of call is chinese medicine and acupuncture. I find that it help restore the balance in a unique way that seems to work. Being over 40, I also have a yearly check up with my GP where I get all the relevant assessments including blood tests and my blood pressure check.

What’s the greatest thing you have gained from grabbing the reigns and taking control?
Well, its amazing! To feel empowered and understanding how my body works is the ultimate satisfaction to me. I know what it takes to feel awesome so this enables me to keep to my goals and achieve the health I want. It has an enormous impact on your mental health too – I am much more able to deal with stress and everyday obstacles and I know not to blame others but rather understand that I have choices and my decisions are my responsibility.

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