PP Episode #84 – The Dangers of Depo & Other Hormonal Contraception with Dr. Poppy Daniels
It’s time we learned about the serious dangers associated with Depo!

Dr. Poppy Daniels is a Gynecologist, women’s health advocate, and the co-author of The Dangers of Depo. Her practice aims to combine the best elements of allopathic, naturopathic and complementary medicine, and she believes that if you bring the body into balance, normal physiology will work in your favor to help you feel better.

Dr. Poppy Daniels Period Party Podcast


In this episode, we’re discussing the many ways Depo impacts your body, whether or not hormonal tests are accurate, the recent non-hormonal contraceptive renaissance, and much more!

Mentioned in this episode:
  • How Dr. Poppy was trained to use birth control as a cure-all and what caused her to look for an alternative
  • Are hormone tests accurate?
  • How Depo impacts our hormones
  • The connection between Depo and HIV
  • The major warning the FDA placed on Depo concerning bone loss
  • How Depo can cause significant weight gain
  • The discovery that the Depo injection is actually a steroid and is causing immune system issues
  • The non-hormonal contraceptive renaissance


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