So You Like Good Hair Huh?

Am I wrong in thinking that almost every person on the planet is slightly hair obsessed?  Whether we want good hair, have a lot of hair, no hair or unruly hair, we tend to bring it up in conversation frequently.  If this was just an observation, my question was further cemented in this week when I posted a video of me doing my hair one morning and the views hit an all time high.  It appeared, that people enjoyed watching me curl my hair.

It got me to thinking – did I need to remind my favourite people (that being you) that you can always improve health – hair included?

Every single day of the year, I share information to help make your life that little bit sweeter.  I can share about your health, your hormones, even how to be happier or sleep better.  At the very core of every single molecule of your being lies one simple thing…

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I didn’t create this video to talk about your hair, even though it got you listening.  I created this video because each and every day I see people who’s health is begging for some TLC and it can be so overwhelming and confusing with where to start.  And this is it. For everybody – for women who’s hormones are all over the place, those with hormones that MIA and everything in between (and good hair is as much genetic as it is an extension of your internal health).  I see children covered tip to toe in eczema or women living with anxiety.

Your health begins with your gut.

But the fact remains, your gut is the epicentre of your health AND we can’t necessarily rely on supplements long term because it is a constant necessity in our lives.  Our gut needs a frequent look in.  It needs to be fed, nurtured and nourished daily for optimum health.

The Better Belly Virtual Conference kicks off tomorrow and there’s a place with your name on it (which is super exciting!)  You’ll hear from 50 experts, the best in the biz from all around the globe and learn their tips and tricks as well as experience in treating, fixing and helping your gut recover from all kinds of troubles.

Consider it your one stop shop in getting your health in order – that ONE THING you can do as of now.

Because it really can be as simple as that.  They’ve done all the hard work for you.  How good is that to learn!?

But also, if you’re in the market for better hair – it may come as no surprise that this is also exactly where to start – because your hair, just like your hormones or your skin all relies on your gut to work really well.  So there you go – better hair, better belly, better hormones, better mind – it all begins here.

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