Season 2 – Episode 9: How your emotions make you a better entrepreneur with Scout Sobel

Scout Sobel began suffering from mental illness at the age 14. At 20 she was formally diagnosed with Type 2 Bipolar Disorder. In this inspiring episode she shares how she took radical responsibility to turn her life around through her business and found purpose within her days to now live an inspiring life.

In this episode we chat deeply about Scout’s childhood and mental illness

  • How therapy initially didn’t help her
  • How she became an entrepreneur
  • Why we need to teach people how to treat us
  • Taking radical responsibility of our own life by believing in powers great than us and having a cause bigger than yourself
  • How meeting her husband was the turning point
  • How her emotions make her a better entrepreneur
  • Accepting emotional experiences as a part of life and the key in not resisting this
  • How business shows all your weaknesses

And of course much more!

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