Season 2 – Episode 74: How To Reset Your Anxiety With Georgie Collinson
How to reset your anxiety
Anxiety is something we’ve come to accept as being part of our lives, but what does it mean to actually reset your anxiety? Georgie Collinson helps people face their anxiety and not only understand it better but helps decipher the messages your body is telling you during times of high anxiety.
I’m this episode Georgie talks about;

– What is anxiety really and the difference between stress and anxiety 
– What is high functioning anxiety 
– How there is so many demands on our attention it can take us away from living in the moment 
– How anxiety impacts decision making 
– why childhood memories cultivate anxiety in us as adults 
– How to talk to your anxiety to provide the answers you need
– Tips to help manage anxiety
And so much more!
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Nat Kringoudis 

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