Season 2 – Episode 7: Kindness is your best Superpower with Colleen Callander
Colleen Callander didn’t go to university. She actually didn’t even finish high school. But she found something she was passionate about and was excited everyday to go to work from a young age which fuelled her career as the CEO of Sportsgirl and Sussan for 13 years. In this episode you will hear how she continued to rise because she realised just one very important thing as a leader.

In this episode Colleen shares:

Her own story from starting at Just Jeans and quickly making her way up the ranks

Why the tertiary model of learning isn’t always the recipe to success

How understanding your values is the key to success

Why kindness in leadership matters more than anything

How to find your purpose and love what you do

How to stop being a people pleaser and why

Dealing with burnout and disappointing others

And so much more!

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