Season 2 – Episode 68: Surrender is your Superpower with Gabby Bernstein
Surrender is your Superpower with Gabby Bernstein
Surrendering has to be one of the most difficult practices to cultivate, but with it comes a secret superpower.  In this episode Self Help Teacher Gabby Bernstein helps us unpack how we can begin to surrender with more ease when we can tap into our inner guidance.
Gabby Shares;
+ How pregnancy and parenting has changed her as a person and teacher
+ Why don’t have to hit rock bottom to want to be and do better
+ Why surrendering is so hard yet so important 
+ The quickest way to get out of a funk
+ Her daily non negotiable
+ Do we truly have all the answers within us to cultivate change
This and so much more!  Connect with Gabby at and access tickets to her upcoming Australian tour there also.

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