Season 2 – Episode 67: Why Women Can Save The Planet with Natalie Isaacs
Why Women Can Save The Planet with Natalie Isaacs
Women are very often the heart of the home and in Natalie Isaacs instance, she decided to initiate small steps starting in her home to begin having a positive impact on the environment.  From cutting down her electricity bill to food waste, she saw first hand how these very small shifts started to add up.  With that, she started 1 Million Women, the movement to empower women to initiate change for a better future.
In this episode Natalie shares;
+ How she was the problem, during her previous career as a cosmetics manufacturer and the epiphany she had
+ How we must begin to live our lives and take ownership of the environment 
+ How something as small as cutting her electricity bill was the catalyst for change
+ Why fast fashion and fast consumption is such a huge problem
+ Asks us, do we truly love the earth and what is our relationship with her
+ The spillover effect where the momentum you gain keeps propelling you forward 
+ Climate anxiety and despair – and how we must have radical hope
+ Why women and children are set to become the most affected by the climate crisis
And more!
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