Season 2 – Episode 63: What you should know before freezing your eggs with Helen Zee
Holistic Fertility and Birthing with Dr Nathan Riley
Description: OBGYN Dr Nathan Riley discovered something fascinating.  During his time delivering babies, the less he interrupted the birthing mother and the less intervened, the more smooth the birth process was.  After observing this time and time again, he began to explore reasons why which opened his views to a shift in how we birth.  Today Nathan educates wanting and expecting parents how to achieve the birth they hope for.
Nathan discusses;
+ Interventions during birth and how they can be rethought
+ Why rates of interventions have increased 
+ How we can’t seperate the physical and spiritual parts of birth 
+ The sacred process of birth
+ Home birthing and his own choices for his youngest child
And so much more.  Be sure to connect with Nathan via his socials and website and check out his programs to help support you in your own fertility path.

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