Season 2 – Episode 60: How to have more intuition and follow your heart, with Helen Jacobs

Everybody is intuitive according to Helen Jacobs. Helen is an ‘energy forecaster’, which is also known as a psychic medium. Rather than ‘predicting’ her clients forecasts, she decided it would be more beneficial to help us tap into our own intuition. Her latest book ‘Follow Your Heart’ provides simple daily rituals to help you hone in on your own intuition, and in today’s episode Helen shares her experience and wisdom.

Helen speaks about;

+ How she never set out to be a psychic but life had other plans for her

+ Her early experiences with spirituality

+ How intuition and fear are linked

+ Why being psychic isn’t bad or evil

+ How we can lean into intuition more

+ The bridge between manifesting and intuition

+ How we are all manifesting everyday even if we don’t realise it

+ How we can ask our body for guidance

+ Why rituals are so important and help us listen to ourselves

+ Her own technique and how we can use this to manifest the life of our dreams


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