Season 2 – Episode 55: A New Approach to Mums Returning to Work, with Kelly Prior

Kelly Prior was faced with her own concerns around her family planning and her career. Like many women, she wondered if she could have her cake and eat it too. In this episode she shares how her new business is helping women get back into the work force after pregnancy and support businesses with a unique project delivery firm – THE CAKE.

In this episode Kelly shares;

+ What we need to do to have better support for mums returning to work

+ What quiet quitting is – where we step back slowly and tap out of our jobs and why this happens

+ Why the hustle culture is outdated and how we can do better

+ What is CAKE and her vision behind it

+ How we lead by example as parents within our working ethics

+ Why the feminist movement was so necessary yet so burdensome

+ How getting back into the work force comes with so many challenges and how CAKE aims to support that


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