Season 2 – Episode 50: How to have more Willpower, with Jenn Trepeck

Jenn Trepeck is on a mission to change health care. Growing up, her family members were always on a diet and then one day it dawned on her – she realised that she had literally been on a diet her whole life. On today’s episode, she shares her insight on how weight loss isn’t magic, it’s actually science.

Jenn also talks to us about;

  • Blood sugar and why it matters
  • How the key really is consistency
  • Why we need to re-educate ourselves about nutrition
  • How willpower is so misunderstood and is often viewed as a moral failing
  • What we need to understand to better practice willpower
  • How willpower is like a refillable cup and the secret to having more of it
  • Why creating distractions helps tremendously and her suggestions
  • How a to-do list can help fill your cup
  • How generosity helps us to have more self-control


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