Season 2 – Episode 5: Why your period went missing in lockdown with Meah Robertson
A lot of women reported changes in their cycles during lockdown, which is being referred to as “pandemic periods.” In this episode, I chat with Meah Robertson who has identified reasons why women’s cycles may go offline temporarily. From early periods to missing periods, heavier bleeding to spotting, Meah shares her wisdom to allow us to identify how we can bring our cycles back into line with some simple adjustments.

In this episode Meah shares;

+ Reasons why women are experiencing changes to their periods and cycles during the pandemic

+ Why stress is such a huge factor yet most women are not identifying correctly where stress sits in their lives

+ The different kinds of stress we are under and how to identify these

+ How the vaccine also had an impact on cycles

+ What impact does stress have our cycle as women

+ How pheromones are also a factor in menstrual cycles and phases and their contribution to pandemic periods

+ Cycle synching and how this is also contributing 

+ Linking cycles back to our tribal roots

+ Her take on why other doctors are saying hormone imbalances aren’t real 

+ Why she created Fem21 because most patients we’re not good at taking supplements


All this and so much more in this episode.

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Website –

Instagram – @fem21



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