Season 2 – Episode 48: Closing the Gender Wealth Gap, with Tully Humphrey & Sarah Pasini

“Imagine playing monopoly and never buying any assets or investments!”   This is the statement Sarah Pasini raises during this episode. Entrepreneurs Tully & Sarah and no strangers to The Wellness Collective.  They are back to talk about women’s finance, business, multiple income streams and investments and how they can help bridge the gap between gender and wealth.

In this episode Tully & Sarah share;

+ Why they created ‘FeFi – their new business that is helping women to create and secure their financial future

+ How FeFi was created out of their own curiosity and passion to create multiple income streams
+ Why women need to create financial independence and how the industry is male dominated
+ How we can create curiosity to fuel our desire to consider various streams of income
+ Why they are investing in certain areas including crypto, silver and gold, stocks and other businesses 
+ They ask me questions about my business, when I started investing and why
+ What multiple income streams might look like
+ How most people invest in money in the bank and why this may be something holding back wealth
*disclaimer Tully & Sarah are not financial advisors and in no way is the advice in this episode to be taken as financial advice.  If you are interested in exploring investments, please talk to a qualified investment consultant. 
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