Season 2 – Episode 46: The benefits of Red and Near Red Light Therapy

Is Red and Near Red Light Therapy Safe?  In a world where we have literally shut ourselves inside, we are seeing the impacts of decreased light exposure.  And whilst we may not have a lifestyle that allows us to increase our light exposure, there are hacks and tricks we can implement to improve our exposure and reap the benefits with less risks.  Near Red Light Therapy is one of these we may just want to add to our tool box.  In this episode, Matt & Lena from Orion share the ins and outs of this technology.

They talk more about;

+ What exactly is the difference between Red Light and Near Red Light Therapy

+ Seasonal Depression and why it’s on the increase

+ The benefits of Near Red Light Therapy including mood and cellular support, skin conditions, muscle recovery, thyroid conditions and more

+ Case studies of people who have had amazing outcomes from Near Red Light Exposure

+ How to get optimal exposure

And much more.

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