Season 2 – Episode 42: How to Speak So Others Will Listen with Caroline Goyder

Caroline Goyder is a voice coach who teaches people to find their voice, speak to inspire, master their meetings and speak in a way that people will be captivated and listen. Whether speaking to your boss, a room full of people or your child, how you speak matters. In this episode she shares techniques and tips to have people tuned into your words, helping you not only speak with more confidence but also listen better to others too.

She shares:

+ How we can express ourselves more clearly

+ How this information is relevant to everybody – be it in a meeting, speaking to your child or a room of people

+ The way your voice actually works helps you to understand how to speak better

+ How we can be confidently animated with our voice and why monotone is so boring

+ How to calm our nerves and find calmness before a performance or presentation

+ Dealing with blushing or red rashes when nervous

+ The importance of posture

+ Tools for being a better listener

+ How to use a mind map for presenting

And much much more!


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