Season 2 – Episode 41: How to Raise Resilient & Compassionate Children with Lael Stone

Ever thought of building a school? Us neither. But when parenting guru Lael Stone was presented with the idea, she knew she had to make it happen. Lael is an Author, Educator and Speaker helping parents support their children in an environment where they are able to become strong and well adjusted adults. In this episode you will learn from her years of wisdom and her own parenting experience to give you advice and tools you can start to action today.

She shares about:

+ Why she built a school and how that process unfolded including the efforts you have to go to

+ How as parents our own struggles get in the way with our parenting

+ How to know if we are triggered and if we are out of balance with our actions with our children

+ How yelling and being triggered is an opportunity for ourselves to heal as parents, to check in to our own needs and wounds

+ Children are our best teachers and why enquiry is key

+ The two things that make teen parenting tricky

And so much more!


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